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Brief Overview of Successful Blogging

Becoming a successful blogger is not an easy job, sorry I have to disappoint many people, but making decent amount of money fast through blogging is not an easy task either. Probably about 3% of blogger can make living from blogging, may be even less. If you are a blogger (probably you are) and If you are from these 97% that are not happy with earnings from blogging, then this article is for you. If you are looking to make quick buck, than blogging is not for you, SORRY!

What Does it Take to Be Successful Blogger

Successful BloggerThere isn't a recipe that work 100%, but there are evergreen guides that should be followed strictly. First of all blogging is a job, blogging is a business and require special attention to all aspect that I will list below! One more thing, these rules apply for any kind of online project.


You knowledge is the first key to success. In addition to all web development, on line marketing and server management skills that you probably have, you need to understand very well the subject you want to write about, you. Let's say that you don't have much IT skills, then your can outsource some of the work, but understanding the topic, loving the topic and being able to write new article every day at least for the first year is critical. Being able to learn new things will play important role for success of your blog, online business is changing rapidly and you have to be able to keep up with latest.


Planning is critical aspect of successful business, no matter online or offline. Get pen and paper write your idea, prepare few diagrams, check your budget, check competition, create a schedule, leave some place for leverage. Many unsuccessful bloggers, bypass the planning and analysis stages, that's why they fail.

Time and Finances

As every other job, blogging require to commit a lot of time on everything – development, maintenance, content writing, SEO and social medial marketing. Excepts development and maintenance, all the rest is work in process and should be done on daily basis. Every blog require financing, domain name, premium theme, premium plug-ins, web hosting, etc... Special accent on web hosting - don't be “Cheap Charlie” and choose a reliable one. Additionally be sure that you can scale the project at any time. Don't leave your full-time job, until you are sure that you can go on your own. Another thing is to consider the probability of finding a partner, team blogging will just speed the process and reduce workload.

Clear Idea and Achievable Goal

Set your goals right, majority of bloggers fail in the first 6 months and the main reason is wrong expectation and setting unachievable goals. A lot of on-line information, blog posts, forums, MLM systems are misleading, please forget that you can get rich overnight from blogging. Be sure that you are receiving knowledge from reliable sources of information. Consider how you can drive traffic, how much traffic you want, how much money you need to make, plan the future, etc... Being able to introduce a twist into blogging strategy and go beyond blogging might play important role in your future strategies.

If you clearly understand all above points and you can commit time, originality, can go beyond blogging and have necessary skills, then you will be successful online. I am not trying to discourage you, just making an educated attempt to help you to reach your goal. Have to say it again, there aren't any secrets, it is all about hard work.

Good look to everybody that would like to become successful bloggers and have the same ideas in mind! 

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Tuesday, 06 December 2022
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