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Make Money Blogging and Get Away From Debt

Digging out of tremendously deep debt can sometimes seem daunting and an insurmountable task. To tell you the truth, it is overwhelming for most people. Did you know more than 1 million U.S. households filed for bankruptcy in 2013 in a desperate effort to get away from debt? Nevertheless, bankruptcy courts are not the only way to shed debt. There are countless methods to do so, and earning a reasonable amount of money each month is undoubtedly the foundation of them all.

Make Money BloggingLately, blogging has almost become a profession. There is nothing more amazing than doing something for a living that you are passionate about. If you have decent writing skills, and sharing your knowledge is what you always wanted to do, blogging can definitely be an alternative career path for you. There are countless bloggers out there who are making big chunks of money through blogging, and you could be one of them if you have that fire in you.

How to make money blogging?

The income streams outlined below (from numerous blogs) can help you earn a 6 figure income every year from blogging, which means you can kiss your debt goodbye very soon. We hope you find the following information useful.

1. Placing the ads

Putting text, contextual, and impression ads on your blog or website is one way to stream some real revenue. The websites that pay bloggers to display ads on their blogs include:

  • Google Adsense 

  • AdBrite

  • Kontera

  • Text Link Brokers

  • Adgenta/Q-Ads

  • Tribal Fusion

  • Text Link Ads

  • Value Click

Adsense is considered to be the most effective of them all. Always set them to show text and image based ads. Keep in mind that 250×300 pixel ads always work best. Blended design is highly recommended. These website also offer referral programs that can really add some extra money to your pile. However, the normal ads are the biggest earners for majority of the bloggers.

2. Becoming an affiliate

Signing up with different affiliate programs, such as the ones on the list below, let you collect some serious cash if you know how to promote them:

  • LinkShare

  • Amazon Associates

  • Commission Junction

  • Associate Programs

  • The Affiliate Program Directory

  • eBay Affiliates

  • AllPosters

The most amazing think about majority of these affiliate programs is that they are incredibly high quality, and they can sell themselves, which means you do not have to put in too much work. There have been many cases where readers thanked bloggers for recommendations.

3. Posting for pay

Paid positing is another great way of making money blogging. Here are some sites that might help you set up some postings:

  • SponsoredReviews

  • PayPerPost

  • ReviewMe

  • PayU2Blog

  • SocialSpark

4. E-Book Sales

Lastly, selling high quality, informative e-books on your blog is another way of making money and getting out of debt. Set a suitable price for your e-books in order for them to do good business. Normally, bloggers range their e-book prices from $5 – $150. This is the income stream that you can really rely on and grow with time.

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