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Why Do You Have a Web Project?

A question that in not simple to answer - “Why do I have web project?” and of course there can be different answers. This article is inspired by poll prepared by Net Magazine, though at WebmaisterPro – social network for webmasters, we are running a similar poll (to participate in the poll, click here). This article lead to ask myself so many questions and I've decided to give few tips for any possible case scenario.

web project pollI personally believe that everybody should thing in the same direction to build a successful web project, no matter it is blog, application, e-commerce websites or even a social network.

Possibilities and possible scenarios are many and first depends on expertise in particular field, knowledge about SEO and web development, business skill set, hobby, previous work and of course financial situation.

Scenario One – Business Website

You are a business owner and try to build strong presence online, probably trying to expand market. Having a website, app or company blog is one of the most important steps for every business nowadays.

Tip: Push it as hard as you can, hire a team of experts, lead by energetic team leader. The best, but most expensive is to hire in-house team and supervise the whole process.

Scenario Two – Career Advancement

Your side web project is related to your work, you think that company you are working for do things the wrong way and your voice remain voice unheard. You are planning one day to quit your job and build strong online business from your side project.

  • You own a blog related to your work

  • You try to grab part of market in secret from your boss

  • You own a store with blog and have developed mobile/social media applications

  • You are tired from your full-time job and need a change

Tip: Don't leave your job on the first few sales. Making money online is easy, but making living from web project is difficult. Research, ask, keep low profile as long as it's needed. Try to leverage and ask your boss about potential partnership.

Scenario Three – Learning New Skills

You are a student or you are looking for career change. This is a good way to start making money on your own with nearly zero investment. Probably out of job and have already fallen into scam related to make easy money online.

Tip:Be sure that you are always on the right track. 90% of online information can be misleading, so be sure how you select your sources of information. Don't jump into conclusion quickly, common sense is your best friend, try to disprove everything. Don't hesitate to try everything, learn from mistakes.

Scenario Four – I want to use this project for personal needs

Rare case scenario, but probably the most successful one – you have unique idea, you have committed extensive search and there is nothing similar to your idea. One of a kind project that you find very useful for many individuals and businesses, as well as for your personal use.

Tip: Spend some time on planning, look into every aspect, lack of competition, doesn't mean that project will be successful. Seek help and try to raise funds, your idea might turn big!

Scenario Five – I need extra cash

In most cases, side project and you expect to make money from it. Have necessary skills or you are simply running a blog giving your own point of view on interesting topics.

Tip: Your goal is to make money, find how much you want to make, discover how to make it and be sure that you like the niche. If you want to make money online (good money), blogging is not the best option.

Whatever scenario you are into – planning, setting up achievable goals and keeping up with latest trends is critical. There aren't any secrets of online project success, it all rely on hard work and knowledge.

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Sunday, 04 December 2022
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