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Tips to Use Google Plus Effectively to Enhance Optimization of your Website

Google Plus, the social media tool that was thought to have created by Google to give a tough competition to the popular social media weapon named Facebook, has created an interesting niche for itself. For those of you who thought Google Plus was just another social media tool and did not find it much interesting, here's a piece of insight. Google Plus was derived to understand the search engine rankings and optimize your blog or website effectively. If you do not believe this, you could search for any profile on Google and see for yourself that the person's Google Plus profile tops the rank even if he/she never really uses Google Plus.

b2ap3_thumbnail_1394124008_google__a.pngThe whole idea was to derive inputs from your profile and build on your search engine ranking which was not possible with Facebook or Twitter, though they are essential to market your products effectively. Google Plus spaced out that gap and fit in perfectly. If you are a brand, you should use Google Plus and optimize your site. In fact with the perfect bet on Google Plus, you will be able to improve your search engine rankings effectively without any constraints.

Link Profiles

This is one of the most beneficial tips to use Google Plus effectively to optimize your site. You can, use Google Plus, follow any profile across the globe. You can even embed their links to your author bio thus increasing the credibility of your profile. In fact, in some cases people use keywords in their author bio that is linked to the profiles of the people they have followed or are following them. The pages that you are linking establish your rankings. So, these pages should be those which have a high following rate and good Google Plus rankings themselves.

Link your Posts

Choose good anchor texts and link your posts to these texts. You can even embed URLs using Google Plus. You just need to insert the URL and Google formats the link automatically. As soon as people start sharing these links, the value of these links increases. The moment the post you have embedded goes viral and people start appreciating it, your search engine rankings go high.

Title Tag Optimization

The title tag is very important from optimization point of view. When you link a post or profile, you will be writing a title sentence which is your title tag. What you write here will have an effect on the way the web page is optimized. Make sure you choose good keywords to make the title tag.

Allows Editing

You have already posted a content and need to improvise it to match search engine optimization requirement? Well, it is possible with Google Plus. Unlike Facebook which offers limited editing powers and Twitter which allows no editing, Google Plus gives you unlimited chances to edit and improvise your content. If you need to change the media to improve rankings or change the title tag to present live updates, it is possible with Google Plus.

Indexing Faster

Let's assume a situation where you have just shared a new content using Google Plus. Well, the possibility is that the new content gets indexed faster as compared to the older content. In fact, the new URLs are crawled instantly on Google Plus. This works best considering the creation of Google Realtime Search. With just a +1 your site is indexed to the top. This is the power of Google Plus.

Influencer's Connect

If you are looking to improve your search engine rankings, you will need to connect with the influencers of the industry. You can connect with them in various forms and styles to trigger your rankings with search engine optimization. You can mention them in your post, if it is relevant. You can converse with them by sharing a post with them. Comments and sharing play an important role too! You should comment on posts shared by them or comment on something they have just commented on. Tagging them in photos or posts is also a good idea. You can even send them invites to events or talk to them about activities. All in all you need to ensure that a perfect flow of conversation happens around them.

Pictures Drive Traffic

A brilliant author bio matched with a terrific image should do well to drive traffic to your website. It should be eye catching and should attract your target allowing them reason to believe they will benefit by clicking here.

What's your Circle Rank?

Circle rank is important to know how popular you are. It gives an insight on the number of people following you, the uniqueness observed in your content and a perfect comparison of you against your competitors. This circle rank delivers your position in social circles.

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