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Design Trends that will Improve Mobile User Experience

As a mobile user, you are constantly looking out for an amazing experience while using your mobile. But, as a developer are you able to match the trends that the design world is coming up with. Mobile apps and mobile designs in general have a lot of new and upcoming trends that will drive you into a world of fantasy. It is all aimed at giving the mobile users a great user experience.

Trendier Theme Based Apps

What did iPhone 5s bring with it for the users? It brought in more evolved colors that the users can flaunt. Yes, you will find a lot of new and better colors defining the iPhone series. Well, what if you could change the color of your app say your blog app or a weather app matching the color of your device? Wouldn’t that be splendid! Yes, the new mobile user experience brings in the beautiful trend of theming apps. This is a new challenge for both designers and the brands. Till now each app had its individual color without which they could not move on. Now, these apps have to think of the theming trend and come up with exclusive hardware based colors. This is all too good for the end users of these mobiles.

Colored Actions

This is yet another interesting trend that will cheer many mobile users. You will find that this latest trend will color the various actions you will take using your mobile. For example there would be a green color whenever you archiving a mail, red when you are deleting a mail and yellow in case you are setting reminders. Yes, this new trend will color all your actions while using the mobile. Many apps have designed colors for the various actions you will take at each step of the app. This coloring will help you understand what action you are taking. This is more of a psychological trend that is coming up.

The Many Layers

A trend that has been created by iOS7 in the iPhone has literally left mobile users wanting for more! A layer effect that iOS introduced made showing hierarchy simple in a two dimensional display. This layering effect creates a 3D effect on a 2D phone. The phone would give out a parallax behavior. This you can notice well if you have used an iPhone 5s. This phone prominently shows the layering effect a design trend that will end up having a cool user experience.

The Blur Effect

There are some layers that are left blurred within the UI. This helps create hierarchy while maintaining the basic UI design. Rdio started this trend well before iOS7. This blur effect is not only creating aesthetic effect on the phone but also giving it a beautiful interface. Till now there is no consistency in the way the blur has been generated. But, the blur effect can be generated easily with time.

Transition Effect

This is another up and coming trend. Navigation has been till now one of the most followed ways of transitioning from one point in the website to the other. But, more and more mobile app developers tend to be experimenting with the kind of transition that can be offered in a way to enhance user interface. A simple swipe can take you to the various tabs on the screen while the same finger with a small touch can create zooming effects on the screen. Basically iPhone brought in the single touch effect. Now, most phones are creating transitions based on such effects.

These are a few important mobile design trends that will definitely carry a lot of impact. Most of these trends have come around as a result of the design technology and techniques generated by iPhone. 

Author Bio:

Juned Ahmed is a consultant and writer who love to write about mobile app development technology of app developers India and their current mobile development trends and business environment. He has written many articles on web and mobile technology.

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Sunday, 04 December 2022
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