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Top Tips for Using Social Media to Attract Real Customers

Articles giving some tips for using social media to attract real customers.

Are you trying to figure out how social media can actually help your company? As explained in a recent Fast Company article, while businesses of all sizes are embracing social media, many are doing so without measuring its actual impact on their business. 

Social media for businessIf you would like to utilize what everyone's buzzing about but don't want to waste time on something that's not going to bring in actual customers, you need to: 

Solve Problems As They Arise 

While social media platforms are commonly criticized for being places where people talk about "nothing," the reality is there are still opportunities in seemingly pointless banter. 

Even if people are just using a social media platform to talk about their day as they go through it, problems are one of the things that's going to come up in this stream of conversation. If your product or service can solve someone's problem, what better time for them to know about it than when they're actually having the problem? 

Although social media platforms generally have some kind of search function, most companies who use this tactic find that it's easier to use a more robust third-party tool. 

Share Testimonials from Existing Customers 

When you think of great copywriters, you think of extremely persuasive people. However, what you may not realize is every great copywriter will tell you that testimonials from others are one of the most powerful tools they can use. 

While good sales copy can persuade customers to make a purchase, it's even easier to persuade them with testimonials. Reading what other "real" people have to say reassures potential customers and increases their trust of your business. 

You can use social media to collect and share the positive things people are saying about your company. What's nice about this approach is while many people are concerned about being too self-promotional while they're using social media, this approach allows you to market your business without needing to toot your own horn. 

Put Blogging at the Center of Your Strategy 

While blogging may sound old in comparison to Facebook and Twitter, research shows the companies who are most successful with social use blogging as their primary marketing vehicle and the latter two options to promote it. 

Research has also shown that the businesses who benefit most from blogging are those who consistently publish at least one quality post a week. This consistency and quality is the best way to attract an audience who can become customers. 

Actually Track Results 

There are plenty of companies who blast out a few Tweets and then throw their hands up in frustration when they aren't suddenly flooded with new customers. 

If you're serious about social, you need to be willing to execute a plan and track your results. The best way to see the true impact of your social efforts is to integrate its tracking into your CRM. 

What social media strategies have brought in new customers for your business?

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Craig Klein is the Founder and CEO of Sales Nexus which is a leading online CRM and small business email marketing firm located in Houston, TX.

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