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Problems with Social Media Spam and How to Prevent It


Social media sites have connected people from different parts of the world. It has helped distance relatives, family members and friends to re-connect and communicate freely online. People from all walks of life can communicate even though they have never physically met; it’s called the new modern way of interaction. Some of the most popular social media sites include;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Myspace

Social media has literally changed the world of interaction because over 90% of teenagers in America and UK engage in online communication as a means of communicating with friends and family.

The Social Media Spam Problem

The growth of social media accounts over the past 7 years has been increasingly overwhelming because most students and companies are turning to social sites to earn a living. However, some people are engaging in social networking spam activities by creating inactive accounts on social media. Facebook is the most popular social media account in the world with approximately 1 billion users. This has attracted internet hackers to scam social media users of their money, time, resources and accounts. Hackers are using the Facebook-spread malware because marketing companies are using Facebook accounts to sell and advertise their products or services to customers. Since Facebook is fast becoming an online communication network, companies are post links on walls. Internet programmers have mastered the technique of reflecting the shift. For example, spammers posted links on Facebook for users to get the chance to see pictures and videos of Osama Bin Laden`s death. Unsuspecting users clicked on the link just to be redirected to an invitation to allow an app to access their information and then the link is posted for all Facebook friends to see. This trend has directly affected marketing and sales companies such as;

  • Emerge digital group
  • Madwire media
  • Transcend media
  • Full circle marketing 

Social spammers are upgrading their tactics with the increasing diversification and sophistication of how spam is distributed through different social media accounts. Social media experts noted that in an analysis of 50 million articles written by over 10 million social accounts noticed that there was a significant increase in both the amount of social spam and how it is distributed.

Social Media Filters

Filter customization in social media will guarantee safety and privacy of users. Some social sites are protecting their users from spam emails and offers customized capabilities like giving users the option of selecting emails or information they do not need. Some of the social sites include;

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo mail
  • AOL

All the above are email account sites that provide filter services for their users. Unwanted or spam mails are directed to the spam folder offered by the email account. However, social media experts are advising people to avoid such links because spammers can access private and personal information about family and friends which is a violation of the privacy policy.


Marketing and sales companies in the US, UK and Canada are benefitting from the filter customization services because it guarantees their clients that the business is legitimate and genuine. People with internet enabled devices can easily access their social media accounts through phone systems in smart phones like;

  •  Samsung
  •  Nokia
  •  IPhone
  •  HTC
  •  Huawei
  • Alcatel

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