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What to Avoid When Hiring an SEO Company for Your Business

Congratulations! If you are looking into hiring an SEO services firm, chances are you just finished creating your long-awaited website. It is just the first in many steps toward creating the successful business of your dreams. Even if you are just looking to drum up more business on a long-established page, you need to stop and celebrate your dedication to your site and your company.

How Do You Keep Up?

Search Engine Optimization

The first key is looking for an SEO marketing company that keeps up with changes in search engine optimization. As anyone who has been around for a few years knows, this is one marketplace that changes quickly and unexpectedly. Being flexible and adaptable to the unexpected is the first key to being a good SEO company. The number one question to pose to potential SEO companies is how have they stayed relevant and kept up with changes imposed by, say Panda?

How does your search engine analyses set you apart from the competition?

The next area is to find out how an SEO company analyzes the content on your site. What analyses does is indicate how effectively your site is working with the search engines. Another followup question is what search engines do they recommend you work with to help potential customers find your site? Is it all Google all the time, or do they branch out into Bing?

Loading Times and SEO Analyses Tools

Do they analyze using more than one tool? Do they analyze with Google's present parameters in mind? For instance, did you know Google evaluates sites for high-quality and unique content according to what topics people are searching on in addition to deferring searches to faster sites. Fast sites load quickly and are not bogged down with antiquated versions of Java, for instance.

If you used a drag-and-drop website builder for your desktop website or for your mobile site, you may need to renovate somewhat. The reason? The drag-and-drop builders may bog down the speed of your site, preventing it from making the top hits in search engine results.

Wait, what's this about mobile sites? Yes, with more and more smart phones accessing the Internet, you need a mobile-friendly site where your customers can find you, shop with you and make quick and easy contact with you. Thus, the SEO content marketing company you hire needs to be multi-versatile. Their services must touch upon the search engines and keep up with them, while offering advice on where and how to build an effective mobile and desktop site.

Embracing Versatility in Social Media Too

Additionally, a great SEO company also understands the value of social media marketing. If anything, the SEO company that you hire to handle your business's Internet presence, needs to have social media connections too. Make sure that if they are unable or unwilling to provide such services that they have contacts who may help your business thrive in the social media arena.

Loading speed, mobile and desktop sites, SEO savvy and social marketing smarts are all necessary to help customers find you and build all-important rapport and trust in your brand. Take the time to seek out SEO marketing firms who have demonstrated the ability to keep up with the changing Internet marketing landscape, from searching to social media. Even if they alone do not have the expertise to perform social media marketing for you, find out if they have the contacts to help you have a full-service experience with Internet marketing. After all, when you find a trustworthy SEO firm, you want to work with their collaborators and trusted business colleagues.

About Author

Mark Winston is a professional SEO consultant and founder of SEO Services Austin, a Texas-based digital agency focusing on improving client websites' search placements and internet positions. Outside of work, he enjoys ultimate frisbee and running with his dog, Lester.

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Monday, 26 September 2022
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