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Improving Data Analytics in 2014 Can Have a Big Impact on Your Business

Unless you've been completely ignoring the statistics, the number one place to do business in 2014 is the worldwide web. Why? Perhaps because 97% of consumers now use the internet to find goods and services, which is a huge shift from when they'd simply head to a brick-and-mortar store. As you should be aware, the most effective way of tapping into the increasing number of eCommerce shoppers is by getting noticed in search engines --where 93% of all online experiences start-- generating high-quality web content, and creating a human, engaging social media presence.

How Does Web Usage Translate to Sales?

Increased web usage, as you may expect, has had a direct impact on the growth of eCommerce. Current estimates have American eCommerce levels set to grow by 13.8% until 2017, when sales will eclipse $440 billion. Likewise, mCommerce, digital sales made from a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device, are expected to grow by a whopping 28% to $113 billion by the same year. Clearly, not being online, or at least not being visible online, can be a huge blow to your business, regardless of your size or market.

How Do You Tap into Growing eCommerce Revenue?

Hearing about the wealth to be had online, it's only natural that you're looking for tips on improving your SEO, your social media outreach, and content production. However, if you're looking for "Five Big Tips on Improving Your SEO," you're in the wrong place. Improving your online marketing efforts for greater success in 2014, while definitely including SEO and the rest, is all about analytics.

Why You Need to Focus on Data Analytics

In a nutshell, data analytics are important because they tell you what you're getting right and what you're getting wrong, enabling you to tweak the finest details of your marketing efforts to reach greater levels of success. For example, if you share a cat video to your veterinary clinic's Facebook page and it receives 300 views and 250 clicks, while a video about a new medicine receives only a tenth of that, you should make a greater effort to share and produce more of the popular content. This rule holds true whether you're designing a webpage, publishing blog content, or making social media posts.That being said, using Facebook's built in "Insights" tool and other free tools like it isn't going to be enough to give you the detailed analysis of your online efforts that you need. Not only will your company benefit from using powerful analytics software, like Social Report and Google Analytics, employing the best so-called "big data" professionals in the industry will give you the manpower and know-how your business needs to truly understand your web campaign. That's why 37% of companies say they're in desperate need of quality analysts: it's a matter of success.

Successfully marketing your business online is more important than ever before. Yes, you should be focusing on improving your SEO, your content, and your social media efforts, but without accurate analytics, how can you ever hope to build a truly effective campaign?

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