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Different Kinds of SPAM on Your Website, Blog or Social Network Profile

More and more often, I am getting emails related to link removals on many of websites that I own.
One of the main reason is that I accept guest blog post and at WebmaisterPro - members post.

Now, I will talk about few forms of modern web spam, especially related to blogs, forums and social networks.

Blog Comment SPAM

b2ap3_thumbnail_comments_tos.pngFrom time to time few requests are coming, please remove this link and actually link appear to be from comment link. Comments at WebmaisterPro are moderated and nearly 80% are rejected, due to fact that keyword is used instead of name or just the standard spam comment "excellent post, thanks you". Obviously this is comment spam. I know that because it is clearly stated in comment "Terms and Conditions".

However some "smart" spammers, scrape highly specific topics to comment and easily can turn generic spam comment into meaningful comment and spam thousands of blogs. SPAM filters usually pass this comments and even moderator rarely can catch this.
A blogger or professional link builder would never use keyword in the field name, this is well known fact, period.

Guest Post SPAM

b2ap3_thumbnail_Guest_Post_Guidelines.pngThis involve both email spam and blog post spam.
More and more often, I receive emails regarding guest blog posts at WebmaisterPro from nameless individuals or companies, mainly from two particular neighbouring countries. "Blah, blah, blah ... Do you accept guest posts...., I am regular reader (bullshit)" It is clearly stated at WebmaisterPro site-wide (right-hand side and footer) that website is user content driven - referring to "Guest Blog Post" article.
Again scraped email from Google results by companies or individuals that haven't even visit the website at first place.
Of course there are proper requests, from reputable bloggers and authors that can easily be recognized as real, that just ask which topic will be suitable for readers.

On the other hand, guest post SPAMers often include links in body text, write press releases (instead of articles) or just push self promotion to the very top, not following guest post guidelines.

There was one particular company which actually used to submit guest posts at WebmaisterPro regularly, until I've caught that they submitted article first with us and after that are submitting the same article to many article directories. The same company contacted me at least 20 times with different fake names by email to request post, created few accounts with different fake names and cause huge damage. Mostly likely I will see them in court of this continue.

Often guest blog spam is used to selling links on highly reputable websites.

Forum SPAM

And of course forum SPAM which is easy to catch. Again no introduction, straight to marketplace section promoting super-cheap service, or billion dollar system, including commercial links, this is regular case scenario. Or complete off-topic, for instance webmaster forum and topic related to fashion clothing, obviously this is done with help of software.
Another one, new thread started straight with recommendation and link - hey come on nobody have ever asked you for service or software recommendation - you are banned! This had happen with few members of WebmaisterPro actually, that tried to fake activity first.

Social Networks Spam

There are many varieties of this spam and I will just list it without going into many details. For instance lets take some of the major social networks like Twitter and Facebook:

  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Facebook_Spam.pngyou are tagged in a photograph of service or product (Facebook)
  • constantly bombarded by spam in chat window (Facebook, G+)
  • "please like my Facebook page" (Facebook)
  • "thanks for following, why not click this link" (Twitter messages) - no thanks
  • "can you endorse me" (LinkedIn) - I have never worked with you to endorse you
  • etc, etc, etc...

Are you obligated to remove links from your website?

It depends on the request, but in most cases you are not obligated to do anything. It is certainly not my fault that you have hired a spammer or super-mega-ultra guru SEO expert for 5 bucks to spam my website/blog. Removing article will open 404 on my website, so forget it. If you are not sure, use rel="nofollow".

Sometimes, I even receive a treats "I am going to use Disavow Tool", well use it why not? Or "I will contact your web host" - go for it!
Cheap services are expensive, save a buck, lose a million and to be honest, I don't have any sympathy for these nameless spammers and companies that hire them.

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Sunday, 27 November 2022
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