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Top Web Development and Publishing Software for Ubuntu

Ubuntu – probably the most popular Linux distribution, operating system that can be complete replacement of Windows without suffering lack of software. As a webmaster and web developer, I need wide variety of tools that will cost me a fortune and are necessary for daily work. Actually this article is written in Ubuntu with popular office package LibreOffice.

Actually some of these open source applications (actually some of these tools also work on Windows and Mac). One of the best thing about all the software that I will list below is that system requirements are much lower compared to similar applications under Windows.

I will divide tools that I use into two categories, lets start with graphic design and publishing tools.

Ubuntu Web Development Tools

Regarding we b development tools, selection might vary depending on personal preferences on programing language and IDE.

SciTE Code Editor



Analogue of NotePad++, excellent code editor and syntax highlighter. I keep this editor open most of the time, for quick code editing.

KompoZer – WYSIWYG Editor



It is a fact that there isn't any analogue of Dreamweaver in Ubuntu, but as far as basic and stable WYSIWYG editing, KompoZer can do excellent job.

Geany IDE



Light IDE editor, probably the fastest and lightest GUI PHP IDE. There are many IDE editors, but if you don't like NetBeans and Eclipse, or if you work on slow machine, than Geany is the right choice.

MonoDevelop .NET IDE



MonoDevelop is a GNOME IDE primarily designed for C# and other CLI (.NET) languages.

Powerful IDE that is as good as Visual Studio. Supports the following programing languages : C, C++, C#, Vala, Java, Boo, ASP. NET, VB.NET, etc...

Ubuntu Graphic Design and Publishing Software

Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor



Sufficient vector graphic editor and publishing tool, interface is very similar with earlier versions of CorelDraw and Illustrator. If you have work with any of these, you will have kickstart learning to work with Inkscape. Support all major formats so you can easily import works from any other popular vector graphic software.

GIMP Graphic Design Editor



I doubt that GIMP need introduction, it is perfect replacement of Photoshop, doesn't lack features and interface is almost one to one with Photoshop. I personally would suggest to install manually latest version of GIMP on Ubuntu, especially if you like stationary tool panels.

Scribus Desktop Publishing



A nice analogue of InDesign with much lower system requirements. There are many templates for kickstart your project as well as it is quite easy to import InDesign project.

An excellent way to save few thousand dollars without suffering any features. All applications are stable, powerful and flexible. To get the most, a good option is to install the latest versions as Ubuntu repository is not up to date with the latest.   

Please leave a comment below, do you use another software that might be useful for web development or graphic design works?

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