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Short Search Engine Optimization List

SEO is not a rocket science, nor there are any secrets. SEO is just hard work, common sense and a bit of knowledge.


SEO ListThere are so many articles that gravitate about Panda, Pengiun and Hummingbird updates, articles that are give misleading tips about penalty recoveries. The recipe for recovery is not universal and strategy require knowledge about website history, methods used, domain age... and so many other factors.


I decided to write a list of search engine optimization factors, there is nothing new in this list, it is incomplete (there are many other factors), but it will help to professionals and non-professionals to understand SEO a bit better. This list is more of a guide that description of different SEO fators.


Usually list would be divided into two major categories – on-page optimization and off-page optimization. I decided to make it more clear and divide this SEO list into 3 categories.


Search Engine Optimization List 2014


Server Side


  • Dedicated IP – IP is not directly related to SEO, though website authority depends on it. Website on shared hosting surrounded by “bad neighborhood” usually get down-rated by Google.

  • Fast and reliable web host – faster websites bring better visitor experience and lower bounce rate. Server downtime can decrease crawling rate and most likely content will be slowly indexed, plus rankings will be unstable.

  • CDN – not directly related to SEO, but to user experience related to website speed which will lead to lower bounce rate. CDN will also reduce bandwidth problems, very useful on large number of simultaneous connections.

  • gzip compression – important for website speed. All static resources – CMS, HMTL, JavaScript should be compressed.

  • mod_rewrite – main purpose SEF URLs, canonical links and redirecting old/deleted pages.


On-site Factors


  • Quality content – a value that is difficult to define, a compound of different factors.

  • Inbound links – inbound links in terms of cross-linked relevant pages in particular website with proper anchor text.

  • Navigation – intuitive, light navigation is important for both visitors and search engines.

  • Loading time – fast websites usually get rank higher, sometimes it is a mathematical value of different factors and scores.

  • Metadata and alt text – some meta tags are ignored, some are important, good practice is to have proper metadata, mandatory titles and meta description. Alt tags are important in terms of getting traffic from Google images and increasing keyword density.

  • Bounce rate – complicated metric that represent how long visitors spend on a website and number of pages visited. Lower bounce rate will lead to higher SERP.

  • Domain age – self explanatory

  • Sitemaps – indirectly related to SEO, but important in terms of search engines to understand website structure


Off-site Factors


  • Backlinks – this factor require a whole chapter, in general high authority relevant links are what you need to aim for.


As I mentioned above, this isn't the full search engine optimization list, just some important factors (more important than other factors). The ideal scenario is SEO to work closely with graphic designer and web developer. Not all factors are SEO are strictly related to SEO issues, but team work.


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