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Scaling Up Your Ranking With Directory Submissions

The two most important directories across the World Wide Web are DMOZ and Yahoo! And, FYI, Google is a search engine, not a directory. Directories are like Yellow Pages - they have the web address of all sites. They organize links in categories and sub-categories.

directory submission

For all those who think link submission to directories is a pure waste of time, think again. Even though there are just a handful of those who sift through directory categories to find relevant links, the directories themselves serve as a referral system for the search engines.

So if the search engines are at it, why not you? The webmasters, amidst all the hype of SEO, fail to recognize the significance of submitting their website’s links to Internet directories.  Make sure that you’re not one of them!

When it comes to submission, in most cases, you’ll have to do it manually, after which your link is reviewed. It is subjected to high levels of scrutiny. Once approved, it is included in the directory, and the search engine considers it as a validation. A validation automatically means more value to your presence in the directory than in any other website.

Apart from adding value, directories have another benefit - indexing. The crawling on the Internet always begins with the web directories, and the links submitted in them get crawled too. Thus internet directories help you save time that you would otherwise take to submit your links to various search engines.

Before I miss out on an important secret to online presence, let me spill it out - Hosting! All the indexing and crawling won’t do you any good if your site isn’t functioning properly. Getting your site hosted with a good host is the only way to ensure it does. And here is a ‘directory’ that is going to help you get the best host: Hosting Reviewed. 

All set? Now let’s take a look at the benefits of submitting your links to web directories:

One-way link generation. We all know the importance of the number of ‘relevant’ inbound links to your site. SEO! Penguin! Rings a bell? Well, web directories help you get one way inbound links. The best part? They don’t expect you to feature them on your site! With search engines discouraging link exchange these days, one way inbound links are in high regard. 

Anchor text of your choice.Submitting your links to web directories not only allows you to enter a site title that contain your keywords, but also generates SEO anchor text to help improve your search engine rankings.

Free submissions. Yep, you don’t have to pay to submit your links in most of the web directories.  Though there are a few web directories who charge a high premium, these are miniscule in number.

Targeting traffic becomes easier. Submissions allow people to reach the right links under the right categories. Even if you aren’t aware of the category your link belongs to, the reviewer will place it under the right one. So, no worries!

Now that you know why you SHOULD submit your links to various web directories, either get to it yourself or assign the task to professionals - it’s worth the cost!


A sustained interest in various facets of hosting technologies reflect in Sofia Brooks’ easy to connect and comprehensible views on a wide range of related topics. Currently she works with HostingReviewed to help keep abreast with the latest innovations in the industry.

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Friday, 09 December 2022
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