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3 Key Areas to Focus While Designing Mobile Website

Designing a mobile friendly website is a challenging task as the design must suit a variety of screens across multiple platforms. The design must be impressive for tablets as well as must deliver a positive user experience for the smartphone users.

Web design for mobile is a tricky business where certain aspects must be taken into account. While designing mobile websites, two approaches are very significant. The two approaches are:

  1. Build an exceptional mobile website.
  2. Use Responsive Design trend to design the existing website to match various mobile devices.

mobile website designFollowing these two approaches will bring fruitful result for the business but knowing where to start and what to do are equally important. Hence, here are the three key areas for an effective mobile website design.

Understand Mobile Website Usage and Behaviour Patterns

The misconception that mobile usage is based only on certain definite things may lead to a misleading web design for mobile. The fact is that most of the mobile usage is to kill the time or to spend some leisure time.
Today, people are increasingly using the phones for the same purpose as the desktop. So it is better to plan the web design for mobile keeping in mind the theory of mobile website usage and behaviour patterns of the users.

The Core Content Should be Kept Same

As already mentioned earlier that both mobile and desktop are used for the same tasks, the mobile website should reflect your desktop version. People switch on to a desktop link when they find any structural or visual difference from what they are used to. Therefore, it is important to keep the core content same keeping in mind how you can give them the best experience as in desktop.
Navigation Should be Given Equal Importance

Navigation is starting to get more attention with the increasing popularity of responsive design. Mobile users also need all the information like a desktop user, presented in a usable way. Thus, navigation for both small and large screens is equally important as it is for desktops. Moreover, the mobile navigation should be like a good friend-‘present whenever you need them.
By following these steps, generally followed by some of the best Ecommerce website design companies, you can definitely build a mobile website design that will work.

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Thursday, 30 June 2022
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