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Trends to Watch for in 2014 for Mobile Application Development

Since mobile technology became main-stream, many trends have dominated the mobile application development space. While we can’t ignore the rise in the number of mobile devices, we certainly cannot ignore the fact that it is mainly because of the huge number of mobile applications. In fact, not many people even have a smartphone without a wide array of applications. Considering the fact that apps attract big investment and generate billions of dollars, developers are now focusing on introducing new applications, making use of the latest resources available to them.

b2ap3_thumbnail_mobile_app_development.jpgWith technological advancements, the Mobile Application Development process has evolved over time. New platforms have surfaced, giving birth to new trends. For instance, the concept of mobile money introduced by these applications is becoming more popular with time. It is enabling banking and financing via mobile wallets, which is more convenient than handling cash or plastic money. Similarly, as the trend of tablets spread, we’re witnessing the traditional ways of education being replaced by tablet computing.

Many experts are predicting that 2014 will be a great year for mobile application developers. Let’s take a look at some of the trends that are most likely to get attention.

Emphasis on privacy

Recent revelations about the security of data have forced many people to ponder the privacy of the services they use. In 2013, we saw various services/applications run into issues with hacking, pushing this topic to the forefront of consumers’ minds.

People are very petulant and cautious about their credentials and other personal information; they don’t like it when a trusted source use their information for other purposes and violates their privacy. Last year, many reports and surveys revealed that such personal information was being used in third party transactions. Sources like android community, macgasm and others also brought our attention to the revelation about apps/services which do not feature any advertisements may sell user information to stay in the market.

In 2014, an emphasis on privacy will be one of the most prominent trends, driving start-ups and developers. People will be hesitant to use any application or service which might leak out their information.

Minimalism in design

Whether it is the user interface design, structure of the application code or anything else related to the mobile application, this year will see a huge rise in the employment of minimalism. This is to impart intuitiveness on the application. Keeping the application structure simple with minimalistic design elements provides benefits for both users and the developers. For users, it will enhance the overall application experience, eliminating any loud and flashy graphics. For developers, this simplicity will translate into greater ease in modifying code.

The ever increasing popularity of Windows Phones in the market is making more people opt for this flat design model. The new iOS 7 is also proving to be a huge hit. Following this trend, many application designers are now focusing on a flat design model and 2014 will see a huge increase in the number of such developers/designers who will promote minimalism.

Free 2 Play Games

2013 saw the biggest climb in the number of online games with Farmville and Candy Crush Saga taking the lead. One of the most troublesome facts about such games is that although they are free to play, they feature an online store from where players can purchase boosters and power-ups with actual money. While competing against family and friends, people tend to do whatever it takes to stay ahead of the lot. It goes against the true spirit of gaming as games are supposed to provide you with countless hours of self-indulging entertainment. The debate over such games has been going on for some time now and there is a very high possibility that developers will come up with better gaming options for players in 2014.

Cross-Platform Development

Although supporters of Apple and Android still get into heated debates about which platform is better, the passage of time has deemed almost all mobile platforms equal. Conventionally, developers targeted markets with respect to their market share. Now every market player boasts different benefits than others. For instance, if the Apple Store boasts bigger revenue for developers, the Google Play Store offers a much bigger audience and the Windows Store, which is still developing, offers the best of them both. Considering the market situation, this year will see developers targeting majority leaders in App Stores.

Responsive Design

While the number of mobile devices is increasing, the number of applications accessible on these devices is somewhat stagnant. Although many expert developers are already working on mobile applications with responsive designs, this year will see a sharp rise in the number of responsive-focused developers. With users increasingly unwilling to browse websites that do not properly display on tablets and/or smartphones, a huge increase in responsive designs will be required to eliminate such problems.

What else can we expect? The number of applications making use of the cloud will increase greatly and native applications won’t be replaced for a very long time. As a developer, what trend(s) will you be following?  As a user, what trend(s) will you be most looking forward to? Let us know by commenting below.

Article Contributed by: Silicus Technologies

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