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Top 5 Strategies For Successful Mobile Social Networking

Mobile social networking is one the fastest growing areas for mobile content. The number of people accessing their favorite social media network through their smartphones is increasing at a frantic pace, and experts are of the opinion that this trend is only expected to get even better with time. It has been estimated that at least 80% of smartphone users access the internet from their phones every month. Some access their social network profiles through browsers but many are now turning to special apps to make mobile networking easier.

Mobile Social Networking

Many customers are adopting mobile phones and hence you need to find ways to leverage your mobile marketing tools to optimize their experience. You can connect with many people by taking advantage of the mobile apps already installed on their phones. 

Mobile devices are very common and cannot be ignored. It is estimated that over half of residents in the US own smartphones or tablets, with half of this population using the social media apps present on their devices. With the world today slowly moving towards mobile technology, social strategies require business owners to incorporate mobile networking, but this can prove a challenge. 

Here are top 5 strategies for a successful mobile social networking.

1.Use Localmind to increase your customer market

Localmind allows you to ask prospects checked-in in a certain location questions, giving you the ability to know what's happening every moment, anywhere. With several people now seeking to shop their products and get services locally, Localmind offers prospects the opportunity to review and recommend businesses they are satisfied with based on the location. 

You can gain more new customers using this app as well by involving your business in local development to get noticed. Share your experiences, achievements and impacts to your local community on Localmind, and be sure that users will be very impressed. You can also highlight your partnership with other renowned businesses in your locality to earn the favor with Localmind users, who are able to see that you want to develop the local community.

2.Optimize your content on social networks

The social media channels are a very valuable tool for promoting your content. Ensure that you are optimizing your content and that it's spreading directly to your followers and fans on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. This way, your content can be shared, but it is important that you make the share icons big enough for your readers.


The official Facebook mobile app is Facebook Mobile. With this app, you can take pictures from your mobile phone and upload them directly to your business' Facebook page. Images are very significant on Facebook as they grab a lot of attention. Avoid using long texts accompanying your photos, just a few words and a "see more" link. Ensure that you ask them a few targeted questions and always engage with them as much as you can.

Mobile Twitter

On Twitter, you are allowed 140 characters, thus, ensure that your content has the most crucial information for your Twitter audience. Provide links and a call to action as well as a sharing request.

3. Register your business on Instagram

Instagram has over the past few years, gained a lot of popularity as a social network. The best thing about it is that it can be integrated with other social network platforms including Facebook and Twitter, providing users more visual aspects lacking in other social networks. It is important that your pictures are of high quality if you are to realize any success on Instagram. High quality pictures are more likely to grab the attention of most users. Additionally, use Instagram hashtags appropriately and always ensure that your videos are presented in a professional manner.

4. Use a consistent URL Structure

Share your content using links across mobile phones, tablets and desktops platforms, ensuring that the links are an efficient channel for your social media marketing strategies. Do not use proxies that may turn off visitors so that they can enjoy the experience.

5. Integrate your Facebook activities on Facebook Mobile

There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the most popular mobile social networks. It was ranked second as the most used app overall second after Google Maps according to statistics. Advertising and marketing on this mobile app has however proven a challenge to most marketers and advertisers. 

With creating valuable content for sharing with your customers and posting your content at the right however, you can make the most from Facebook Mobile.

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Cally Greene is a blogger and works with www.sparksduiattorney.com as Online Consultant. She likes blogging about Social Media Strategies, Online Marketing and Legal Issues. You can follow her on Google+.

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