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Improve Your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

If you’re new to Facebook or want to improve your results, you’ll want a few tips to improve your timeline cover photo. The cover photo is the large, banner top that you see on every Facebook timeline format page. A cover photo is the first thing your visitors see when they come to your page, so you’ll want it to look as good as possible. Whether you have a business or personal page, you’ll benefit from some of these helpful tips.

What Makes a Good Cover Photo?

There are many things to consider when determining what makes a good timeline cover photo. There are different things to look at depending on whether it’s a personal or business page photo. Both should be crisp, clear pictures that are sized properly (see below). If you’re using the photo for a personal page, you’ll have a little more leeway when it comes to content. You can choose from any photo you like so choose one that is fun and displays your personality.

A business Facebook timeline cover photo should be professional looking. Make sure it is a high quality photo that relates directly to your business. It should not be a personal photo and it shouldn’t be controversial. There are many good choices to use for your business photo – some good examples include such things as a photo of your products or a photo of your business. Other great photos would be those that are generic in nature. You can also use seasonal photos.

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Basics

There are a few things to know about cover photos before you get ready to post one. The size is the most important thing to think about. It’s a large size – 851 x 315 pixels. If your photo is too small, it will end up being resized and the result will look stretched. That will make it out of focus or distorted. If you’re using text, make sure it doesn’t detract from the photo or vice-versa. Too much text can make the photo appear unprofessional.

Another photo that you need to consider is the icon or personal photo. This is the small photo that is used when you make a Facebook post. It’s also placed directly on top of your cover photo, in the lower left corner. Be aware of this because it could hide something important on your cover photo. The small icon photo is size 161 x 161 pixels.

Where to Find Cover Photos

You can certainly use your own photos for a cover photo if you like. When you want to have a professional appearance, it’s best to choose a premium cover photo. It’s a good idea to use a premium cover photo if you aren’t sure how to use a photo program such as Photoshop. By choosing a premium photo, you will receive a top quality photo that is ready to use. You’ll be able to pick from many different options in a wide variety of categories. Plus, these photos are affordable, so you can easily get several or more that you can use to switch out from time to time.

It’s a good idea to change your cover photo from time to time. Like any other photos on your Facebook page, you’ll want to add more interest by changing the image often. People get bored easily and they enjoy seeing a new image every so often. A new photo shows others that you’re tending to your page. When people see a new photo they will know that there may be some new information as well. If you have a business page, this is a necessity.

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