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What Makes a Successful Logo?

In this blog post we will feature some top secrets that will help guide your logo design in the right direction. Logos are everywhere. On our TV screens, mobiles, public transport and much more. To consumers, a logo can become a reminder of who a company is and what they sell. It can trigger an instant association, which is why it is up to the designer to make it in such a way that it achieves a good amount of recognition and increases awareness.

Brands are literally causing the market to overflow with choice for the consumer. They are surrounded by a range of brand identities and so each logo must now go the extra mile to stand out. How is this possible though? Are there effective ways that can guarantee the success of a logo? Well, we will now share with you some professional points that will help you start the preparation process with promise and purpose. Remember; start as you mean to go on!  

1 – Research to Understand the Audience

A strong logo must do more than just look pretty. It needs to get across a message to the right person. It must look aesthetically pleasing of course, but what is more important is the fact that you are positioning the brand though a powerful piece of communication. Yes, your logo is a form of communication as much as any other marketing promotion you will put out there. This is why it takes time to research the concept and ensure you have a substantial message communicated that people will be interested in.

Keep communicating with your client at all times and ask as many questions as you wish to get the best idea you can of the target audience. The message needs to be clear and this is of upmost importance.

2 – Research the Brand. Be the Brand. You are the Brand.

Before you put pen to paper and begin sketching different designs, you should really look spend some time looking into the history of the brand. This will involve looking at their past logo designs if they have any. You can also make a list of what to stay clear from by looking at their old designs and see if anything has been kept over the years which might need to be featured in their latest design.

If you are looking through their past logos and how they have refreshed their image over the years, bear in mind that if they want to become a heritage brand you should work elements of the old into the new. If they want to have a completely fresh positioning however, it is a good idea to scrap old ideas and think of something original.

3 – Don’t Chuck Away any Sketches just yet!  

If you have old sketches, or rough ideas you don’t want to develop then don’t get rid of them. It is good to hold onto these old sketches as they may be a good source of inspiration in the near future. They are a valuable resource drawn from your own personal well of creativity so just because they may not work for this particular client, it doesn’t mean it wont work for the next!

4 – Carry out some Research Online

Using a resource such as Logo Moose is very good for logo designers. Look at the dos and don’ts of logo design before you begin to create your own. If you cannot seem to get inspired, look in magazines or type in different keywords on Google and look at the images that come up. Don’t forget your old projects also! You can find an old idea that may be applicable to your current brief and can be used for inspiration.

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Wednesday, 07 December 2022
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