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How HTML5 is Helping Bloggers, Businesses and Users Alike

It only takes one click to get a web user hooked.

But if your site can’t pull them in with engaging content and easy navigation, your readers are more likely to “bounce” -- or head to another site after only visiting one page of content. The good news is that if you’re opting for HTML5, you just might be able to hold their interest. HTML5’s HTML5improved features are already helping to cut down bounce rates for sites like Vimeo, a leading video-hosting service. In fact, when it comes to building web pages that provide the most memorable user experiences, one could really learn a lot from Vimeo.

Already known for its high-quality videos, Vimeo recently rebuilt its default player using HTML5 in order to provide much quicker load times for its users. The results, as it turns out, have been quite remarkable. Because HTML5 doesn’t require web browsers to install additional plug-ins, some of their videos will now only take a second to load -- yes, literally, one second -- according to Vimeo’s Senior Application Engineer, Brad Dougherty.

Think about what a one-second loading time means for a web user. No more clicking on a link and queuing up another tab while you wait for your content to buffer. No more choppy-quality viewing experiences. And perhaps most importantly, no more pesky incompatibility on mobile devices.

If you don’t realize how crucial it is to have a mobile-friendly site, just take a look at the numbers.

According to recent studies, 48% of web users feel spurned if they encounter a website that hasn’t been optimized for mobile viewing. If that site belongs to a business, it’ll be an uphill battle trying to recover that lost potential. Web users want to feel important in the eyes of the companies whose web pages they’re visiting, which is why user experience is consistently viewed as a number-one priority for web marketers. With HTML5, mobile compatibility has never been easier for both the user or the blogger.

Business 2 Community reports that HTML5-created content is now more easily seen on multiple devices. As a user, that means you can view the same web page on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. As a developer, that means fewer headaches in trying to coordinate your mobile web services based on trial and error.

But HTML5 isn’t stopping there.

One of the easiest ways to ensure good overall user experiences is to give them plenty to look at on your page. That’s why you see more and more blogs featuring dozens of shimmering gifs, high-res photos and videos to draw a little attention to themselves. One of HTML5’s finest features is how it can transform animated gifs into simple video streams to save space. Gifs have become the universal language of the blog, and not only are they quicker to take in than video, but they’re also just as impactful. So a little help from HTML5 actually goes a long way ensuring the visual future of a particular website. And on the web today, the more visual something is, the better.

Convenience extends beyond simple webpage attention-grabbers, though. Despite your expectations that every cafe and coffee shop in the world will have reliable WiFi connections, accidents still happen. Routers temporarily go down, and you can lose all your unsaved data. But with HTML5, you no longer have to admit defeat in these types of situations. The newest innovation is offline data storage, a capability that allows you to edit data without any Internet connection. Once you log back in, the changes are there, waiting to be saved and locked in forever. Talk about convenience.

The bottom line for all these improvements is that HTML5 is shaping up to be the language of the future. Mobile web users in the United States alone now number over 100 million, and in a few short years, the majority of people will rely on their smartphones and tablets more than their actual desktops and laptops. What does all this mean? Using HTML5 is giving yourself a head start. In this ever-changing industry, you’re going to need it.

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Tuesday, 06 December 2022
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