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10 Example of Stunning and Elegant Footer with Modern Web Design

According to the classic principles of the website designing, everything at the bottom of page is not as much considerable. And, mostly users even designers think like that. This is why, the bottom elements of the page are not able to catch visitor’s attention in finest manner. Because of this reason, footers are often ignored and not have ability to get attention, which it actually deserves.

Rather than innovative, most of the footers are boring and uninspiring. Designers often mention everything at the bottom that they haven’t found place at the top of web page, for example: W3C buttons, contact details, disclaimers, back to top link, etc. Why do not focus on footers because they actually don’t expect anything by it.

Try to be creative like those designers who use amazing ideas, navigation and hover effect at the bottom of page and split a page into two parts. The upper part takes care all about content and images and rest of part is takes care by footer. It can offer a number of opportunities to advertise with personal illustrations, icons, links related to the site, pictures, web forms and much more. See the below-mentioned links of the most stunning and modern footer design websites:



A handmade picture is added at footer of Vimeo with a button to join. Few links are also covered up with this design to redirect related page. This picture has animation effect. Creativity is reflected with this animated image that reduces white color bubbles from the door. Good efforts to catch user’s attention




This is an example of one of the best and professional footer designs that provide all the links to directly reach to their related pages. The contact details like phone number and email-ID is also used with Chopper guarantee logo. I love such type of simple, professional yet impressive footer design.

Billy Hughes at War



A high contrast color is used, which is dominated in the overall site design. Only the links are available at the end page in order to easy your search and redirect at searching result. Contact number, email-ID and working time also placed.


Very simple footer design with blue color hover effect and white background. All the relevant information with contact details and a list of products is presented in an attractive manner, which is never found ever. Various links to redirect you without hassle & are also available that take very less space. Appreciatively managed all the things.


The clean and eye-catchy baby’s pics are added with dark and contrast background color from the rest of page for footer. You will see white header hover effect as well as you put cursor at the given list of points at the end of page. Cool and simplistic approach.


I don’t like those types of footer that have probably too many links. The dark pink color can stay away visitors from your website’s footer rather than engaging. I will never recommend such type of footer.


City of Grace Mesa

There is no need to give all the information, which is not required like how many groups, volunteer, you have. A list of groups is given at the end. You need to do something innovative with footer design.


The combination of curves, flowers and swirls is used at the bottom of this website page. This is looking like crafted on paper and paste on site with some menu bar links. The entire page has the same design. It is looking like footer design & created by a beginner designer.


The “Cat” is looking really sweet with animated effect. Animation is reflected in her eyes and mouth. Apart from cat, background is the same as above, but hover effect is used with links. Funny approach to attract kids and those who like cats.


The Greg Brady Project

The same design having in footer as used above. This footer design has a contact form with a link on “Back to top” button.

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A professional and dedicated web designer, Garry Smith who has years of experience, is associated with CSSChopper. He has shared a number of blogs that having his keen website designing ideas and tips.

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Saturday, 02 July 2022
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