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5 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Facebook Business Page

Facebook currently stands as the largest and most influential social networking site today. With a membership that has already surpassed one billion, it has become a very valuable tool for online entrepreneurs and marketers. In fact, a lot of businesses today generate most of their customers via Facebook pages. With that said, if you want to have a piece of the action, now is the time to jump into the bandwagon and create a Facebook business page. If you are still having doubts, below are some of the reasons why it's very important that you utilize a Facebook fan page in promoting your business.

1) It's a great and effective way to keep your loyal customers updated.
This is especially true if you are offering products and services that are always being changed or modified. For instance, let's say you are selling t-shirts. If there's a new batch of designs ready for sale, you can use a Facebook page to inform your customers that you've come up with t-shirts featuring new designs. You can upload photos of the shirts so that your customers can take a look at them. One great advantage of doing this is that if people like the designs, they are more likely to share them with their friends and contacts. 

2) Facebook offers you several tools which you can use to reach out to more people.
Throughout the years, Facebook has continuously added features to business pages which allow owners to promote to people using various tools. Now, owners can run contests, hold events, create polls, and so much more. Of course, using most of these tools are free of charge. 

3) You can use it to ask people what they want to be improved with regards to your products and services.
This is something that a lot of entrepreneurs involve themselves in and they get positive results. That said, you should take the time as well to query those who liked your page. Ask them questions about their experiences with your products and services. Ask them what they like and don't like in them. And of course, you should ask what improvements they wish to see in your products and services. 

4) It can boost your website's search rankings.
Using a Facebook business page has SEO benefits. Google in particular has directly stated that a website will rank higher in the search results if there's an active social media chatter around it. For example, a website that gets a lot of Facebook shares or likes will likely rank higher than a website who has lesser shares/likes.

5) It's free to use.
Advertising on facebook is free and the tools it offers. In essence, that's free marketing for you. There's no limit as to how many times you post in your page. You can post anything from photos to videos and you won't be charged anything.

In conclusion, creating a Facebook business page is something you should do. It has tons of benefits and of course, it's free. You have nothing to lose. All you need to invest is your time and efforts.

About the author:

Marcus Ho is a highly sought-after Social Media Strategist who specializes in revenue-driven campaigns on social media for businesses. Well known for his cutting-edge, fresh insights and proven strategies, Marcus has successfully helped over 200 corporations and SMEs to rake in hundreds of thousands within very short periods of time.

Some of his clients include:

Qatar Airways, 3M, PernodRicard, DassaultSystèmes, FreshKon, Home-Fix, Scanteak and Singapore Management University. Most recently, his campaigns have also won internationally acclaimed awards such as Smitty’sTravel+Leisure.

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Tuesday, 28 June 2022
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