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Unleash The Power of Duplicate Content

Every inexperienced web marketer and SEO was panicking about duplicate content, until Google published a video on their official channel “How does Google handle duplicate content?”.

Realistically large number of high ranked pages consist of duplicate content for instance pages related to physics, maths, biology, law, etc... The real problem with duplicate content comes from issues related to “self-duplicate content” due to wrong re-directions, canonicals, badly coded CMS, database issues, duplicate meta data, etc... These usually lead to some sort of penalty and drop in rankings.

High Quality Content

Being realistic, nobody can give you a detailed description of “what high quality content is?”; and humans are intelligent. Last time, I've checked AI wasn't developed, yet so search engines relay on very basic logic, stats and mathematics.

Relevancy, Bounce Rate, Social Signals, Backlinks

These are the 4 pillars of quality content, in terms of SEO:

  • relevancy = proper navigation, cross linking, quality backlinks
  • high bounce rate = poor content, not catchy
  • poor social media presence = not-trendy topic, lack of SMM
  • poor link profile = lack of proper SEO

Ideal strategy for building high quality content is to create a “category tree” starting with generic topic title and get deeper into more specific, micro niche topics for your titles. Cross link the relevant content properly, based on relevancy and targeted keywords. Here partially duplicate content would work more than fine, as soon as it is relevant to your website/blog theme.

Bounce rate can easily be reduced with extra interaction with readers – commenting system, custom forms, web chat, high quality images and videos within the content.

Smart Use of Duplicate Content. Content Conversion

I am not talking about text spinning and submission to tons of article directories, link directories, forums, etc... This is WRONG!
Here is a strategy that is used by many successful online marketer, affiliates and experienced SEO practitioners.

 Convert Content

The system is as easy as it looks:

  1. Pick highly relevant keywords together with negative keywords and their synonyms
  2. Write an article for your website (article about service or product)
  3. Put some personal thoughts on this article and write a blog post
  4. Write a press release about same product or service
  5. Create a PDF presentation and share on PDF sharing websites
  6. Produce video
  7. Produce audio podcast
  8. Use your imagination

Not quite duplicate content, but powerful content marketing and SEO strategy that will generate more traffic, higher visibility and backlinks from authority websites.

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