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Bootstrap Top UI Editors - Part 1

Twitter Bootstrap was developed during 2011, in our year in review article of top debuting web development tools during 2011, we've picked the upcoming trend of responsive web design and included Bootstrap in our review.

Few years later Bootstrap is probably the most popular responsive design framework, highly appreciated by every web developer. Luckily there are many resources and guides on-line, but in this article, we tried to gather top free and paid Bootstrap editors.



https://jetstrap.com/ (basic plan $16/month)
Not just a mock-up tool, Jetstrap is the premier interface-building tool for Bootstrap 3. Jetstrap makes it easy to build Bootstrap sites and pages by just drag and drop.
The workspace allows arrange elements, customize ready build templates them and live preview your project on different devices. Have to mention that code appears very well formated.    



https://getkickstrap.com/ (free)
Kickstrap is a boilerplate of Bootstrap, JSPM, Angular.js and Roots that can copy itself into any directory you choose.   
Kickstrap uses Firebase, a Backend as a Service (BaaS). Kickstrap seamlessly combines Bootstrap with top-tier web technologies. It's so advanced, it can run an authenticated, database-driven web app without a native back-end.                                                       



https://www.divshot.com/ (individual plan at $30/month)   
Divshot is a visual interface builder for HTML5 web applications that creates professional-quality code with a fast, intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
Using Divshot, you can prototype a new interface in minutes powered by the popular Bootstrap open source UI library. Simply drag and drop components onto the page, edit content in place, and see your ideas take shape.
Divshot is built with responsive design in mind. Instantly preview what your layout will look like on phones, tablets, and desktop. Collapsible layouts and device-specific elements can be created with ease.
Divshot lets you build visually with most popular front-end frameworks including Bootstrap, Foundation, and Ratchet.
Create interface prototypes in minutes with production-ready HTML, full-powered front-end development. Add JavaScript, CSS, and more to flesh out your apps, work with source code and visual editing tools simultaneously.

Bootstrap ThemeRoller


https://www.bootstrapthemeroller.com/ (free)
Allows you to customize the look and feel of Bootstrap from Twitter. It has a very user friendly interface that helps the users to select any color, size, font etc for their application.
Bootstrap ThemeRoller lets you see the changes side by side as you customize the theme enabling the users to actually see the final theme before downloading.



https://www.easel.io/ (personal plan from $15/month)
Designing in the browser is the only way to ensure pixel perfect execution. Use modern tools like web fonts and CSS3 but without the interruption of shifting back and forth between your text editor and your browser.
With Easel, you can skip the code and go straight to designing with CSS3 properties allowing you to focus on the most important part: the design.



https://www.lavishbootstrap.com/ (free)
Generate your own Bootstrap color scheme, now compatible with Bootstrap 3.
Intuitive tool which will assist you to generate everything - link color, primary button background, pagination active background, progress bar background, label background, panel heading color, etc...   



https://bootswatchr.com/ (free)
BootSwatchr is a visual tool for creating a custom Bootstrap theme from the ground up.
Bootstrap uses a library known as LESS to create dynamic, modular style-sheets. BootSwatchr uses the same technique but makes sure to give you a preview of the changes you make.

Have to admit that when we've started research for this article, we didn't expect to find so many notable tools. So, let's call this part 1, in the next couple of days we will review many other Bootstrap editors and prototyping tools that definitely need to be tested and used.
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