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Top 4 SEO Trends that Will Rule in 2014

In 2013 Google took all of us on a wild roller coaster ride, Penguin and Panda were upgraded and Humming Bird was introduced. According to social media marketing consultants these updates have completely ruled out so-called grey-hat or black-hat SEO tricks. Be it link building, guest blogging or search engine optimization, spam will definitely not work anymore.

Partly because of the updates and mainly because of the changing scenario displayed through the increased use of mobile phones and  tablets and less use of PCs, SEO trends have been rapidly evolving. Only those who keep an eye on what happened in 2013 and then shape their strategy are going to lead the masses. Making it easier for you, we have summarized it into a tempting list of Top 4 SEO trends that will rule in 2014.

Content Marketing Will be Bigger Than Ever

Content has ruled internet ever since its advent. Content in all its forms (written, images and videos being the top three) are an excellent source to get higher ranks on search engines. The rule is not going to change in 2014. In fact, in 2014, sites with great original content will be highly rewarded by Google. Panda  update has targeted the websites with irrelevant and useless content. Google provides a simple solution; produce relevant and useful content that benefits the visitors. Images, inforgraphics and videos are also an important tool to get higher SERP position. In short, while creating content for your website in 2014, keep in mind following three tips:

  • Content is original
  • It shows your authority over your respective niche
  • It shows your lively and engaged presence on the web

Websites Should be Compatible with Mobile Devices and Tablets

2013 has seen a very rapid change of users from laptops and desktops to mobile phones and tablets. More than half of the American online population is using mobile devices. This trend will grow further in 2014. Recent shifts in Google’s strategy also indicates that 2014 will be more about mobile devices. Because of this massive public shift towards mobile searching, websites that are compatible with mobile devices and tablets come on second position.

There are still a few days in 2014, so this vacation, make your website mobile-friendly. Make some graphic and content changes that make your website look good and appealing on mobile phones and tablets and get access to greater audience.

Social Media and SEO

The relationship between SEO and Social media is peculiar yet stronger than ever. Whether it is link building, branding or organic searching, social media is everywhere, slowly and deeply penetrating into our SEO strategies. There is a strong correlation between social media and search engine optimization as is shown in studies conducted by moz.com. Although, social media does not allow search spiders to actively penetrate into its users’ profiles and interests, yet the Google spider can sneak peek and find relevant pages, especially in the case of Facebook and Google+.

So the strategy should be to remain active and earn loyal follow-ship on social media. Moreover, it can also be used to generate links as social media links are least affected by Google algorithms.

SEO and Link Building

Link Building is an important tool of SEO, yet it is one of the most abused internet marketing tactics. In 2014, black hat tricks that were so widely used in the past will be no longer in vogue. Instead natural links and the links generated through social media are the best source to get more visibility on search engines.

Here it is also important to mention that the rules of guest blogging (one of the top sources of collecting legitimate as well as illegitimate links) have also changed in 2013. Now Google gives more value to high quality and natural links, therefore links from reputed blogs that are related to your niche definitely pay greater rewards.

Author Bio

Deepak Gupta is an active blogger working with a renowned firm known for search engine optimization. He loves to share informative words on subjects like search engine optimization and social media optimization. This post is an outcome of his elaborate research and analysis which is of great help to the entire internet marketing consultant professionals.

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