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Top 3 Open Source PHP CMS During 2013

Like every year there are tons of new open source CMS are developed. The year 2013 was not much different, but definitely this year there was a major shift regarding web development based on open source CMS. Most new web developments are certainly based on popular open source CMS, compared to previous years, when custom develop content management systems were much more.

We saw trends becoming reality – responsive design, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, NoSQL, Cloud applications, etc...

I will brake down the top CMS in few categories.

The Best CMS For Everything – Joomla


The crown certainly goes to Joomla. All the security issues, speed, server requirements are in the past. Joomla offer everything latest and it is more flexible than ever. Community is very active, regular updates, LESS, Bootstrap, just name it. I know that few developers are also working on NoSQL support.

Joomla is suitable for any kind of web project and without a doubt is the most flexible platform at the moment. Just a few examples of what you can build with Joomla:

  • portals, corporate websites

  • government websites

  • family websites

  • on-line magazines and newspapers

  • small business websites

  • blogs

  • communities

  • social networks

  • etc...

I believe that these are enough reasons to select Joomla version 3.2.1 as number one CMS for 2013.

Runner-up: MODX

The Best Blogging CMS – WordPress

WordPress responsive design


I will not surprise anybody, without a doubt WordPress is the best blogging platform, again!

Light, fast, can host anywhere, tons of mature plug-ins and themes, well secured and with huge community that offer regular updates.

Something worth mentioning, WordPress certainly tried to grab bigger chunk of market and there are many application themes, that easily can turn WordPress into any kind of website – portal, directory, social network, community, etc... I personally think that the main problem here is related to all the footprints that Wordpress is leaving. Many portals that use app-themes are spammed to dead and I personally would never build something too complicated based on WordPress.

Runner-Up: Joomla (please take a look at our blogging with Joomla article)

Top CMS for Web Developers – MODX



The newcomer is extremely powerful CMS, that is coming in blank state. In terms of functionality only imagination is a limit. Certainly this CMS will have bright future, though it is still not so popular, I believe that it will be one of the main players during 2014.

There are many add-ons and themes already, I highly recommend every web developer to take a look at this incredible CMS.

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