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In the past SEO was number one method for achieving high visibility on-line. PPC have always been there too, but I will not put an accent on PPC, just will compare it with money burning.

SEO vs SMOIn the last few years things seems to change quite a lot and as an SEO professional since 1999, I have to say that the big change came after Google Panda algorithm update. More and more Internet marketing professionals started looking into de-Googalization cost effective marketing strategies and then there were SMM and SMO.

SMO vs SEO – the past

As an SEO professional, I was very skeptic first when I started doing SMO. I simply new that conversion probably will be much lower with social media campaigns compared to conversion of organic traffic that comes from laser targeted keywords. Getting back in time, this have been around the year 2006, so no surprise that social media traffic was mostly just single page hits that leads to high bounce rate.

At that time SEO was much easier job do to (I hope some colleagues doesn't get mad, for sharing this). Few hundred link directories, a dozen article submissions and basic on-page optimization would take a website in top 10 for any long tail keyword and even for highly competitive generic terms.

SEO vs SMO – the present

Stats SMO vs SEOIn present days, SEO job started getting more and more difficult, if in the past it was enough to outsource SEO to 3rd party company that offer part-time SEO, today you certainly need a team of in-house highly skilled professionals to be able to get some results. It is very common to get penalty for one or another reason and again there is not much of guarantee (for business owners – please don't get into trap of money back guarantee and cheap SEO services).

Here it comes the other side of the coin in the face of SMM and SMO, mandatory to achieve higher results and stable traffic. In 2013, Google introduced Hummingbird update, which by my opinion tight up things together and took social signals into account.

In the meantime, companies that were already utilizing social media marketing successfully, ripe the fruits of higher search engine rankings.

Many analysts saw that stats are showing 50/50 traffic received respectively from social media and search engines.

The Full Picture

I don't to get into details, but I guess that you have figure it out on your own. You need both to succeed on-line. It is a basic principle of marketing, you need to appear everywhere to maximize the potential of being seen. If you can see the full picture and know the right target, then you are a winner.

Some facts about SMM

  • SMO doesn't work well for all niche

  • SMM can achieve results overnight

  • It is 50/50 to make social media campaign viral

  • Niche social network, can bring better results compared to major one

  • Quality vs quantity matters

  • SMO is mandatory for every SMM campaign

  • SMM is not one time activity

  • To achieve results with SMM, you need to be social and active

Some facts about SEO

  • Organic traffic converts very well, depending on keywords

  • Long tail keywords usually have better conversion

  • Social signals are very important for SEO

  • Page speed score is important for SEO

  • Low competition doesn't mean fast results

  • SEO is not one time activity

  • There are no shortcuts in SEO

  • Everything matters in SEO – choice of technology, too


Use both, there is no magic bullet. For some business one will bring better results, for other not.

Many will say, that they are afraid to invest in SEO as algorithms will change again on next update, well algorithms are changing on daily basis, that's why I've mentioned - “SEO is not one time activity”. Same can be said for SMM, well there is never a guarantee Facebook or Google Plus might decide to close your account, so you can lose you page, right? 

I will appreciate your comments and questions!

Good planning and a lot of work, that's my secret to on-line business success!

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