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Easy Way to Make Money Online with Bitcoin

Many times, I have been asked to share easy ways to make money online. Certainly there are many ways to do that, but in most cases it is not so easy or most people just make very little cash. I have to disappoint you, the method that I am going to share, wont make you rich and for sure require dedication and a lot of time to spend on easy tasks.

I suppose many of your have heard about the online P2P currency BitCoin, if you haven't visit the official website and you will find everything you need to know - https://bitcoin.org/en/ .

Just a teaser, at the time I am writing this article one BTC (bitcoin) cost about $700.

There are many ways to make serious money with BitCoin, especially mining can generate decent income, but here I will just share the easiest ways to make few bucks per month.

First of all you need to create a wallet, you can have wallet on your PC or you can use on-line wallet. I personally have account at https://blockchain.info/

Bonus Programs

A lot of BitCoins are shared on daily bases for surfing, playing games, completing surveys and doing some micro tasks. Surprisingly most of bonus programs are legit and really share small amount of BitCoin.

I personally have tested few and I got paid for surfing and completing task. I would like to recommend few here:


BitCoingGet is certainly one of my favorite, micro tasks, watching videos, etc... They pay on daily basis and if you really put some efforts in completing the tasks, you can even make few dollars a day.

FreeDigitalMoney are paying for completing sponsored offers, not bad too, fast payments between 24-48 hours.

BitBucks - same as the above, free Bitcoins for completing sponsored offers.

This one is a lot of fun, picking numbers and getting paid for playing free lottery - https://www.freebitcoinlottery.com/

BitVisitor - Get paid for surfing web pages.

What to expect?

You can make a fortune with this, but for sure you can make some cash with it. I think, if you don't have other skills related to SEO, web design or graphic design and you want to make money on-line, this is probably the easiest way to start.

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Sunday, 27 November 2022
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