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How Cisco Unified Communications Could Benefit Small Businesses

Planning for the growth of their small businesses is a must-do for any entrepreneur. In the early stages of a company's development, growth in size often means costly upgrades to the organization's digital infrastructure. This expense can often slow expansion and limit a company's true potential. Through networking and communication options such as Cisco Unified Communications, the capacity to expand is already built into the platform which makes adding more employees or spreading out your geographical reach much simpler.

CISCO Unified CommunicationsBy utilizing Cisco Unified Communications in your small business, you can seamlessly combine voice services, data transmission and wireless devices in order to allow your team to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Cisco is helping companies achieve this goal by improve the speed and the ease in which employees are able to access communication and multimedia resources from anywhere - not just within the office. Thanks to the implementation of widespread networking and cloud technologies, Cisco Unified Communications provides small businesses with the opportunity to keep their team connected no matter where they are.

A few of the features that prove beneficial and cost-saving for small companies include:

  • Automated phone attendant and voicemail options
  • E-mail notifications of pending voicemails for all employees
  • Telephony that is IP-based and able to support a number of advanced phone systems
  • High speed data switches to allow for easy expansion with the growth of your business
  • Integrated wireless access points for non-stop connectivity

Setting up the Cisco Unified Communications platform in your workplace is simple and affordable. Configuration of the system is done through a web-based utility and if your company needs to get your IT employees up to speed, you can send them to a. CCNA boot camp. Such boot camps are not for the feint hearted as they involve 12 hour per day training sessions. However the benefits are worth the effort as once set up for your small business, Unified Communications will start saving you money and increase your employees productivity immediately.

Even if you already have a communications platform in place in your company, you should take a look at how well it is able to expand with your future growth. Is it able to accommodate more users, spread over a larger area, or will it's functionality plateau as you add new employees or office locations? With Cisco Unified Communications, digitally connecting all of your company's communications and multimedia needs is trouble-free and conducive to expansion alongside your business.

Travis Adams has years of experience working in IT. He also likes sharing his knowledge in the field, as well as in technology in general, on various blogs across the web. Check this link to find out more details about the CCNA bootcamp by Countrywide Training.

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Wednesday, 07 December 2022
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