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Web Design and Web Development Trends 2014

I have to admit, that web design/development trends for 2014 are not as clear as those for 2013. Last year we clearly saw trends becoming standards in face of HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, LESS and Bootstrap.

My personal opinion is that these standards will continue this rapid development and become even more popular during 2014, however let's


emphasize few probabilities.

1. Open Source CMS will become even more popular during 2014

It is not a secret for anybody that building custom based CMS is a tough call, require huge team and need even more regarding maintenance and to stay in tact with latest design trends.

Certainly more and more new web development projects during 2014 will be based on popular open-source CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc... Much easier to select something that work out of the box with few reliable and mature, modules, components, plug-ins and amended template. You also might want to check open source CMS reviews section at WebmaisterPro.

2. Application UI

b2ap3_thumbnail_application_UI.png"Big Boys" already started doing that, of course the first in this list are Facebook, Google Plus, MySpace, etc... I would say that we at WebmaisterPro are not behind either. Realistically this is an outcome of previous year trends of implementing responsive web design, LESS, CSS3 and modular environment.

3. Customized User Experience

Referring to point 2, I personally believe that many more websites will offer membership kind of platform, where people can customize what they want to see and read - for example custom news, RSS feeds, promotions and of course applications. No doubt that some websites will offer use of own template and color schemes to users/members.

4. Flat Design

There are many reasons why this trend in web design from 2013 will continue to be popular during 2014 - easier to read and navigate through simple color scheme, minimalistic design and fast websites. Additionally website speed is very important factor for good user experience and getting website ranked high.

5. Navigation Panels for Mobile Version of Websites

navigation panel for mobile websiteI think this trends started in the mid 2013, too. Mobile version of website is very important as many people are using tablets and mobile phones to surf the Internet. Long accordion navigation just lead to too much scrolling. Certainly more and more web developers are choosing drop-down navigation panel box.

6. Parallax Scrolling

Simply illusion of depth, seen a couple of website with minimalistic design that implement this technique. Objects moving with different speed, usually build over single page websites.

7. More WebGL applications

App pages based on HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL will grown in number. Just because web developers can build absolutely anything with these 3. Games, presentations, interactive presentations, interactive info-graphics, etc...

8. Faster JavaScript

More and more faster and smaller JavaScript libraries will appear and will be used. There are few that already got appreciated by web developers and becoming more and more popular. In the past probably the heaviest part of websites was always the JavaScript.

9. No more Flash

Due to fact that more and more users browse Internet with mobile devices that does not support Flash, because Flash is heavy and because there is HTML5 and WebGL, less project will use it. Though probably nobody is developing complete Flash websites nowadays.

10. Coding in Browser

We recently reviewed few web applications that allows you to create responsive web design directly into browser. As well as there are so many web development add-ons and kits for modern browsers like Chrome and Mozilla which save a lot of time discovering minor problems or tweaking content.

What do you think about this trends? Have you implemented some of these already into your practice as web developer?

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