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Top 8 SEO Mistakes and SEO Myths

Kaloyan Banev SEORegular readers know who am I – Kaloyan Banev from Bulgaria, SEO practitioner since 1999 founder of WebmaisterPro.com – social network for webmasters.

I have worked for companies on 4 continents as SEO supervisor or consultant. I don't claim that I am the best SEO, but I definitely know my job well, as I have work through more than 50 major algorithmic updates released by Google.

Just decided to point young SEOs and even SEO experts that thing that, they might have lost the path, honestly I personally think that this happen very often in search engine optimization practice.

Top SEO Mistakes and Myths

Trusting the Wrong Source of Information

Trusting the wrong source is quite common and probably 90% of SEO guides are very misleading as those are often written by article writers and bloggers that aren't SEOs. Often misleading guides appear in trusted forums, even at WebmaisterPro, there are many “not so true” articles regarding SEO submitted by our members on our blog platform.

Doing Only On-page or Off-page Optimization

Not much to say, both need to go hand in hand, if off-page optimization is the fuel, on-page optimization is the engine.

Using Expensive Software

Truth to be told, using SEO software doesn't give you any benefits, quite the opposite, many SEO applications are not really SEO applications, but spamming programs. Sure, there are many great and well build one that exist for nearly a decade, but after all it is a question of skills, how to use these properly. Practically you don't need any software, do to proper SEO.

Forgetting about Evergreen SEO Strategies

Even all major changes in algorithms, keep in mind that Google algorithms contains more than 100k of code, not everything change, even after major update. Many practitioners will say – this or that doesn't work anymore. Well, this is wrong – after all it is not always a question of SEO, but about business model. Many things that worked 10 years ago, still work quite well, though doesn't have the same power, doesn't mean that you should kick those completely. Things change, but don't rush doing only the latest popular technique!

Matt Cutts Doesn't Know Everything

Nobody knows everything about algorithms. However with all useful information given by him, there have been many articles, interviews and videos, that should not be taken lightly or straightforward. I mean that often there is a contradiction between official guidelines and Matt blog.

More Content Doesn't Mean Better Results

High volume of content is double edge knife, I am not going into details, but it is better just to concentrate on high relevancy and quality, as well as on optimization and cross linking.

Targeting Keywords with Highest Number of Searches

Keywords with highest number of searches rarely gives the best results, on the other hand require more time to get ranked for very competitive generic keyword. After all it is all about conversion and always lazer-targeted long-tail keywords bring much better conversion.

Content is King, Sure?

Everybody use this cliché from time to time, though nobody have ever given any detailed explanation what exactly is quality content? As I checked last time, we haven't invented AI, yet so things are more mathematical and for Google quality content means lower bounce rate, well realistically more pictures or video on page might have lower bounce rate, or some interactive element on a website, so thing in this direction until we get into AI era. Content is King and it is not!

Many would say, that this article is incomplete and I am not giving any answer. The main idea, behind this is that I would like to open your mind regarding the real SEO. In many cases, it is just a question of common sense, sometimes it is about knowledge, but sometimes it is just tricky.
One last thing – there aren't any secrets in SEO, it is always about hard work and knowhow!

I highly appreciate, your questions and comments!

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Thursday, 30 June 2022
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