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How to Protect Your Privacy On-line

With all benefits of living in Internet era, there are some pitfalls that comes along with it. Let's talk about “on-line privacy”, not just about the obvious risk of identity theft and fraud, but regarding personal information, that you certainly do not want to share.

What are the risks?

online privacyI personally doubt that many people think about this serious, but there are so many risks and traps that normal Internet users fall into especially those who are active at social networking websites. Let me give you few possibilities that can put you in danger:

  • Blackmail

  • Identity theft

  • SPAM marketing

  • Other people to know where you are, what you do, your location and act against you

  • Employers accessing your personal info

  • Phishing scams

How to protect yourself and your family?

Some of the steps to stay protected and quite easy, though some require advanced knowledge related to computer networks and security software.

Easy steps to stay protected:

  • Be careful what you share, where you share

  • Use strong passwords

  • Use 2 ways authentication on email, profiles, etc..

  • Install anti-virus software, firewall software and anti-malware/adware software

  • Keep your operating system up-to-date

  • double check the email address of every suspicious email

  • do not share essential data in the cloud

  • do not accept every friends request on social networks

Advanced steps to stay protected:

  • Secure WI-FI networks, routers
  • Encrypt your data
  • clear Internet history and cookies on daily basis
  • use VPN
  • encrypt your data, encrypt email
  • hide your IP address

Here is a great article that looks in depth how to to protect your online privacy and looking and some of the best methods related to using VPN, how to hide your IP address. etc...

 I think following the above steps is more than enough to stay secured and protect your privacy, to some extends. After all we should not turn into paranoids and live our live happy, realistically there is no personal space and privacy anymore – traffic cameras, security cameras, camera on ATM, etc... These are all good things that keep the society protected and are not directly targeting any individual.

Just watched a video that looks at one of the latest devices and putting some thoughts on personal privacy, very interesting point:

Protecting your on-line privacy is not a rocket science, just a bit of common sense and following some easy on-line tutorials/guides, of course there are professionals that can help you, too.

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Tuesday, 06 December 2022
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