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Top Tips For Running Your New Twitter Account

Before you jump head first into tweeting everything that pops into your head you might want to make sure you've got your Twitter business strategy in place.

Running a Twitter account for your business can be a great way to generate leads and reach out to a whole new customer group. The chances are there are going to be people out there looking for what you’re offering and the more tech savvy are going to be using this platform to find you. Here are a few simple ways to make sure using your Twitter account to its full potential.

Get Your Staff Involved

If you’re the boss you’re likely to have more important or at least more demanding tasks to focus your time on besides your Twitter account. In many organizations it’s going to be the more junior members of your staff that will be best suited to managing your social media. They’ll be more used to using it in their personal lives, they’re going to have slightly more flexible working schedules and they’re going to be very keen to add new skills to their job spec. Make sure they’re clearly briefed on things like the objective of your account and the businesses tone of voice and make sure you’ve invested in their training for this too.

Talk To Others

There’s nothing worse than a corporate Twitter account that does nothing apart from send random hard sell tweets about their products and services. Remember the social element to your social media campaign and make sure you’re talking to people out there, talk to your customers even if it’s just to ask how they’re doing. If someone’s got something negative to say about you confront them in a calm and professional manner and try to resolve the problem. Even if it doesn’t work others will at least be able to see you do care about your customer service. Try to engage with industry thought leaders or people of authority in around your business, you’re not going to be selling to them but it might pay to be seen with them.

Offer Incentives

Have some rolling competitions both internally and externally to keep your account fresh. Offer gift cards or bottles of wine for staff whose tweet gets the most re-tweets or sends the most traffic through to your website. Let your followers know that anyone who re-tweets one of your tweets gets entered into a draw to win a link or one of your products etc. Offer a prize to your thousandth follower or ten thousandth follower. Ideally your content should be able to stand up for itself but adding those extra incentives will cost you relatively little and could return impressive gains.

Remember Your Objective

There will have been a reason you originally set up your Twitter account and if you’ve invested time and money into it, it should be a slightly more substantial reason than because your competitor had one. Whether it was to send traffic through to your website or to generate leads or to improve your brand awareness you need to make sure you’re monitoring these so you can gage whether the time and money you are investing is worth it. Check your Google Analytics and look at how much traffic is coming from Twitter, use Twitters own Analytics package when it’s rolled out over the next few weeks too and things as simple as asking new leads how they found you could turn up some surprising results too.

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Tuesday, 28 June 2022
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