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7 Simple Tips to Get More Out of Your Social Media Efforts

Social media marketing is going places. But is it doing any good for your business? Are you are trying real hard to make your Facebook

Social Media Marketing

business page engage more audience or find potential customers from your LinkedIn network? But it isn’t yielding desired results.

It is high time you take some steps to make social media work to your advantage.

Here are a few simple tips to help achieve better results from your social media efforts. 

Tip 1

Add the call to action on the cover photo and add the link of your website to the short description on your Facebook business page. The good news is that Facebook has removed the limit on the text you can put in on the cover photo.

And it is time you make use of this. You can do it in a number of ways:

  • Add a link on the cover photo itself, just as Adidas does
  • Add a link in the description of the photo, just as Unbounce does
  • Add a call to action that directs to specific portion of content

Another trick is to insert the website link in the brief description just below the cover photo. Go to the Admin Panel, click on Update Page Info to go to the Short Description, click the Edit link and add it. Even big boys such as Pepsi have missed this!

Tip 2

Use your Facebook business page to engage audience when you market. You can use your personal profile to interact with your personal contacts. But it isn’t the right tool when you need to market your business.  

To do this, you need to use your business page. The downside is that you cannot interact with personal or group profiles. The good news is that you can interact with other business pages. Identify the pages that can yield results to make optimum use of this.

Tip 3

Enlist your employees’ help to get your business better exposure on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. For Facebook, get your employees to edit the ‘Work and Education’ section on their personal profile and update the name of the company they work in.

It is much easier to do the same with Twitter. Just ask them to insert the company’s @username in the bio section of their profiles. LinkedIn works in a simple manner too. All that is necessary is that the employees add the company page to their profiles.

Tip 4

Share branded photos, videos and other media elements that link back to your website to create an impressive gallery on Twitter. Many of these are stored in the media gallery, and most visitors check out these media elements.

Make sure you share items that link back to your website. This ensures that people who click on any items in the media gallery are taken directly to your website. And when you repeat updates, be careful; the gallery may not seem impressive if you do so regularly.

Tip 5

Transform the Twitter feedback into testimonials to add credibility. Trying hard to get some positive feedback from your customers? Why not make use of the good things people said about your business on Twitter.

Search for your company’s @username. Once you find a suitable tweet, keep the cursor over it. A ‘More’ link will appear. Click on it to get the ‘Embed Tweet’ option. Copy and paste it on your profile. It will act as a direct link to a credible testimonial.

Tip 6

Add a link of your website so that it is on display on your LinkedIn profile. A recent change resulted in the removal of links from your profile’s visible sections. But you can do it in the two visible Projects and Publications sections.

You also need to add a link of your website to the bio section of your Twitter profile. This will offer two results – it will help your business stand out, and it will help people who come from other sites to connect with you. Try hard to fit it into the description section.

Tip 7

Create variations of products and services to suit target market on LinkedIn. To do this, you need to go to the ‘Create New Audience’ button, identify the type and narrow down the specifications. Next, customize your offerings to suit the audience.

Similarly, you can also prepare LinkedIn ads that target specific business verticals for potential customers. You need not reach out to the masses, which is especially suitable for B2B ventures. But you can reach the audience who matter most.

Try out these quick-fixes to get the most out of your social media marketing. 

This article is contributed by Evans who is managing online marketing activities of CableProtector.co.uk, a leading UK based supplier of cable protectors. 

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