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Make Your Content Byte

Despite the abundance of glamorous tech products advertised on billboards, websites, and television, creating content for your tech company’s blog or social media outlet presents a challenge. How do you make your posts shine among the plethora of blogs regurgitating similar information? These tips will help your content stand out and will help grow your audience.

1. Include interactive elements

What’s better than a diagram explaining the genius behind a tech product? A diagram that we can play with. Adding interactive elements is a great way to engage an audience because it not only makes an explanation easier, but it also puts the reader in control of his or her experience.

Google Maps, for example, allows users to create their own customized maps. Interactivity doesn’t even have to be this complicated; something as a simple as a poll will help keep your audience engaged with your content.

2. Share your passion

Feeling geeky about your excitement over the release of the latest Intel chipset? Let your nerd flag fly and post about it. Chances are your audience is just as thrilled as you are, so share the excitement and let your readers know that you care about the same things they do. The key to good content is relevance and, by sharing your passion for the industry, you can create a special bond with your readers.

Extend this beyond whatever new gadget has you clamoring and share your meaningful personal experiences with technology. Even though you’re dealing with plenty of circuitry, you are not a robot, so share and connect with your readers.

3. Find a Narrative

Your posts should be fun and informative, but adding a central theme will make your content even better. Discover how and why tech innovation is relevant to your readers’ lives, and then explore how this trend relates to a larger concern. You can look at how technology is affecting medicine and where you think it’s headed. Such a topic will spur discussion in your forums and allow you the opportunity to interact with your readers.

Stories are what bind us together. Writing about tech doesn’t mean having to abandon the important role narratives play in our lives. By paying attention to the big picture and actively searching for the threads that weave a story together, you can create content that turns readers into followers.

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