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What kind of Backlinks Google Likes

The word back link is used to define an incoming link from one website to another. A link on website A points to website B, and website B refers to it as a back link. Backlinks are used in search engine optimization (SEO) as a way of determining the popularity of a web page.  If a large number of websites link to a page, that affects the page’s ranking in search results.  


Websites may use various SEO techniques to increase the number of backlinks pointing to their website. Some methods, such as link baiting, require quite a bit of planning to be successful. Some websites accidentally get involved in link baiting, for example, websites that are the first with a piece of breaking news about a well-known celebrity. When a link bait happens, many other websites link to the baiting website because it contains information of great interest to a huge number of people.


Having said that, some forms of link baiting are objected to by Google algorithms and are not successful at increasing the ranking of web pages involved. So what kinds of back links DOES Google like? It prefers “quality back links”.


A quality back link is defined as a back link which comes from a site which has content related to your site rather than a link from a site which is not related to you. A quality back link comes from a site that uses similar keywords or themes to yours. Suppose, your DIY-SEO blog site has a back link from a site using the same keywords as you do or it is on the same theme such as blogging, SEO, or earning money online. This link is regarded as being a quality back link. One from an auto-sport website would’t be as relevant. Google attaches high importance to the link from a blogging site and less relevance to a link from an auto-sport site. Google also gives high importance to quality links which comes from PR sites and from domain names ending in .gov and .EDU.


Social media and bookmarking sites- These always provide quality backlinks. Facebook and Twitter are good for backlinks building. Create a fan page there and start posting links to your website. Don’t forget that bookmarking sites, such as Reedit, dig, Stumble Upon, and Delicious,  provide good traffic as well as backlinks.


Guest posting - This is the best “white-hat” technique for building backlinks. All you have to do is visit sites or blogs that offer you the chance to post something as a guest writer. Write something for them which refers readers to your website via backlinks.


Blog commenting - Blog commenting is the easiest way to get large amounts of quality backlinks. Find blogs that relate to the subjects covered by your website, post comments on blog entries and ensure the comments include links to your pages.


Submission to blog directories– There are various websites that act as ways of finding blogs about particular subjects.  Submit your blog to these and they will generate backlinks to your site.


Use forum signatures– Forums often allow users to include URLs in their signatures.  Whenever you write something in a forum, your website address will appear – that’s a back link.


Article Marketing– This is where a business writes short articles to demonstrate their expertise in a particular subject and include a back link to their site. Then the article is distributed to article sites so others can find the information.


Press Release – A press release is an announcement directed at news media. The goal is that another site will pick up the press release, keeping the included back link, and reprint it on their site.

Author's bio: A customer focused IT support and SEO professional with 5 years of diverse industry experience. Specializing in process improvement through the implementation of Management practices.  



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