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Future Trends in Web App Technology

Web apps are one of the most revolutionary inventions of the past several years. They have completely changed the way people live and function on a day-to-day basis. Many apps are focused on making life easier, faster and more convenient. Since their introduction, web app developers have learned a lot about what makes a web app successful. As a result, they have progressively improved.

2013 has already seen significant changes in many web apps, and many people are anticipating what is to come. Several trends have emerged that will likely dominate the future of web apps. Below is a list of some of those biggest trends.

Stylistic changes

One of the key trends in web apps is interface simplification. By simplifying, developers hope to make content more accessible and readable for the greatest amount of people. Such design also helps prevent frustration for the user. Additionally, there has been a strong trend towards the unification of desktop and mobile devices. Previously, web developers had focused on adapting styles based upon the content they were presenting. Now the trend is creating a similar experience for the user, regardless of whether they are using a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.


There seems to be a growing trend towards personalization of apps in order to fit users' needs. Rather than a one size fits all approach, many developers are creating products that mold to the habits and preferences of the individual. iPhone, for example, changed its camera setting in iOS7 to allow photo editing options and filters. One of the ways this can occur is through the ability of apps to remember and store the habits of their users. Other apps allow the users themselves to set their own preferences. Manually allowing changes to the layout and design and saving those changes for future allows users to adapt an app to their own needs.

Data from everywhere

With changes in how data is stored on the Internet, there are greater possibilities to access data from a wider variety of devices. Sensors and monitors can be placed in devices such as your office building or car and allow you to interact with them. For example, a sensor in your car can monitor driver habits and car performance and send you notifications on your mobile device. Another product can be placed in your refrigerator and monitor intake as well as the state of the food you have stored. The possibilities are endless. Through his technology, apps will connect you to the outside world, saving time, money, health, and other resources.


This is one of the most talked about improvements in the market. It is expected to reach the final stages of development in 2014. The changes that HTML5 will elicit revolve around greater media integration. For example, it will support a much wider variety of media types, such as audio, video playback, image manipulation, geolocation, drag-and-drop media and much more. All of these features will be automatically built in. With such a high focus on media content, the HTML5 platform will be an optimum choice for enterprise level applications. For the every day web app user, this means that your apps can accomplish much more in a more user friendly way.

Responsive and Adaptive Design

In the past, some web app developers have struggles to create products that work well on multiple devices. In the future, this challenge is only going to grow. There will be a greater need for responsive design, which basically means an apps ability to change effectively to fit any size screen. Even more important than responsive design is the necessity for adaptive design, which includes multiple presentation layers for different devices. As devices move beyond mobile phones and tablets and start including products such as smart glasses, smart watches and smart televisions, the ability to adapt web apps will become essential for survival.

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