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A look into Web-Based Software

There’s no doubt that cloud computing unleashed countless possibilities in today’s technological world. Email services, cloud storage and virtual computing environments are some of the few examples.


Perhaps, one of the best benefits of the cloud for business organizations is web-based office suite software.


First off, a web-based application is any kind of computer software that you use over the internet through the aid of your web browser. Apart from installing a web browser on your PC, there is absolutely no local installation involved in using web-based applications.


Why Use Web-Based Software?

For businesses, using web-based software will free you from having to worry about the technical aspects of installing the software on PCs and maintaining them too. All the data security, upgrades, and even backups are handled by a totally different crew of IT specialists, leaving you with only one task: to work.



Safety of your data shouldn’t be ignored as well. Traditional software allows users to save their files locally on their PCs, and no one can really argue that there is danger in doing this.


However, as much as clicking the “Save” button will give you assurance that your work is safe, computers are prone to theft and data corruption in the event that the computer is attacked by a virus. Using web-based software ensures that your data is backed up daily, and on more than one data center.


Online Collaboration

Telecommuting has never been easier with the advent of cloud technology. Web-based apps now make it easy for large numbers of people to work on the same project, and what’s even more interesting is that they have the option of editing a document simultaneously.


This greatly reduces the time it takes to complete projects, and the fact that work can be done online means that large organizations which span beyond a single geographic location will not be affected by the location of its employees.


Creating drawings, presentations, or spreadsheets becomes a fairly easy task once you are introduced to the world of web-based software. Additionally, some of these web-based apps allow you to create pdf files from the documents that you’ve created without pulling these files from the web to your computer. Thus, you will never have to worry much about compatibility since this can also be achieved by the same web-based applications.


Reduced Costs

Costs will also go down. While acquiring an office suite for your PC is not all that expensive, acquiring licenses for all the PCs in an organization won’t be cheap. Moreover, these applications still require some maintenance once in a while, leading to additional costs. However, with web-based office suites, the prices are extremely low. The annual plan may cost only $50 per user.


Integration into other web-based software is seamless. Transferring a file from your online file storage section to your email is much easier than uploading it from your local computer. You will use less bandwidth, especially if you planned on sending multiple documents, and this will also help in lowering costs.


Disadvantages of Web-Based Software

Despite the many advantages that they come with, web-based software are not entirely fault-proof.

They tend to use more internet bandwidth since the whole activity takes place online. Additionally, some of the functionalities of traditional software may not be available on the web-based software, and this makes them slightly unreliable.

Without internet connectivity, access to web-based software will be impossible since they are web-based.


All in all, the choice lies in an organization’s requirements. If the organization plans on using less cash on software, web-based applications would be a great choice. However, if more functionality is required, it would be wise to go with traditional software.

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Friday, 09 December 2022
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