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Battle of the Titans: Facebook vs Google

A true clash of the titans: Facebook and Google, the Internet’s most trafficked websites, go head to head in a close competition to control the internet.

Google vs FacebookGoogle’s most recent step into the world of social networking is a direct shot at Facebook’s industry. Rumors that Facebook will be incorporating a search engine into Facebook’s homepage is clearly a direct shot back. With business overlapping, comparison between the two internet giants are inevitable.

Let’s discuss the numbers. Both websites are heavily trafficked; the Internet heavyweights are dealing with millions, if not billions, of unique visitors monthly. Google, however, has the clear numbers advantage. Google recently secured over a billion unique visitors, while Facebook significantly lagged behind with only 713 million unique visitors.

Google’s number advantage decreases within the United States. Google had a 155 million unique visitors compared to Facebook’s 140 million during a one month span.
The average time spent by each unique visitor on these websites is also an essential statistic to understanding the way they stack up. Facebook’s average visitor spends over six hours monthly on their website, whereas Google’s visitors spend under two hours. By this comparison, significantly more time is spent on Facebook than on Google.
Revenue, however, might be the single most important characteristic of this comparison. Google’s the clear victor; it reaps in over 40 % of the total online advertising market, while Facebook controls less than 5 % of the total online advertising market. Google posted annual revenue of $29.3 billion, while Facebook reaped in only $1.83 billion.

Revenue is essdential for a company's growth, research, and investment back into itself.
These numbers, however, are changing drastically. Facebook’s revenue is increasing exponentially; Google’s revenue, however, is slowly tapering off. Facebook is growing by leaps and bounds, while Google is stagnating within its market domination.

Who’s got the biggest brain trust? Google’s employs over 24,400 employees, while Facebook lags behind with an estimated 2,500 employees. Facebook’s employee count, however, has more than doubled in the past year. This rapid growth parallels their exponentially growing earnings. Google, by comparison, increased their employee count by roughly 25%.

Google’s work force, however, certainly does give them an advantage. With almost tenfold the workforce of Facebook, Google is more equipped to take on new markets than Facebook. This advantage is highlighted by the diversity of Google’s entrepreneurship, with competitive factions in markets ranging from its cellphone operating system to its new space program.

Google’s sprawling business also gives it a leg up on Facebook. Google’s rapidly expanding mobile platform, web browser, and Gmail offerings give it opportunities to market its new products and allow users to smoothly transition to its new innovations, such as Google+.

Google+ is a bold step by Google into the world of social networking. A blatant attempt to steal Facebook’s market share, Google+ has been meet with skeptical responses. While it does not prove to be a threat at the moment for Facebook, its rapidly growing user base and untapped potential certainly does pose an eventual risk for Facebook.

The race for internet domination is far from finished. Google’s larger workforce, experience, capital, revenue, and preexisting industries provide a distinct advantage for it to dwindle down Facebook’s market share of social networking. Facebook’s rapid growth, ingenuity, and room to expand certainly pose stark competition for Google.
Regardless of the outcome, the consumer will certainly reap in the benefit of this rivalry.

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Monday, 05 December 2022
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