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How to Become a CompTIA Certified Healthcare IT Technician

The advent of technological advancement has totally changed the landscape of the healthcare industry. More healthcare related services are integrated into a computer system, such that the demand for IT professionals with CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certification continues to grow.

CompTIA Certified healthcare IT technicians are mostly the custodians of the medical records, which is one of the most important tools in a modern healthcare facility. Doctors and other health service providers can fully access range of information with ease because the certified IT technicians worked hard to ensure an accurate, up-to-date and complete records of patients’ medical history, are kept. This information is crucial in the planning and delivery of high-quality health care services.

Essential Qualities

If you want to earn a CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certification, one must be an expert both in medical and computer terminologies and disease process to be able to integrate these data into a universal coding system that tracks patient data that can be used in the improvement of the over-all healthcare service industry.

While the certified healthcare IT professionals seldom work directly with patients, great verbal and interpersonal skills is an advantage as they often interact with service providers and other industry professionals.  Furthermore, they must have excellent computer technology propensity to keep abreast with the rapidly-evolving healthcare industry.

Training and Education

CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certification isa validation of the quality of knowledge and the level of competence IT professionals have acquired through education and training; and among the specialized field of information technology is the expertise on healthcare systems.

To be eligible, candidates for CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certification must at least have an associate’s degree in information technology. This can be earned from an accredited school, although, many vocational centers now offers information management programs.

Candidates must also have an intensive on the job training from reputable training centers or hospitals that caters to development program for new IT professionals.

There is several IT specializations that you may want to pursue that will be suited to the specific needs of the healthcare industry. The certification is a way of validating the individual skills and knowledge of the IT professional.

Opportunities and Job Outlook

Statistics show that the demand for professionals with healthcare IT technician certification will continue to grow by as much as 20% every year, which beyond the growth margin for other occupations.  This is due to the continuous demand for all types of medical services needing electronic health records.

Furthermore, labor statistics show that IT professionals are among those earning modest salaries, in which, technicians with certification and experience in maintain health records command higher salaries.

Armed with this information, IT professionals must equip themselves with the necessary skills and competence to guarantee employment in healthcare industry. The likelihood of a standardized compensation scheme for IT professionals specializing in healthcare industry could give rise to more opportunities owing to the fact that the implementation of electronic recording system in healthcare facilities, will be in full scale.

The Author is CompTIA Certified and working at Selftest Training which is providing CompTIA Certified healthcare IT technicians training, practice test and questions answers that may pursue additional training and credentials. 

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