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iPhone 6: An Iconic 2014 Smartphone Bursting Out Sterling Features

iPhone 5S and also 5C have been evolved already in the market and its time when the next iPhone version has to be introduced. As per the reports from multiple powerful sources, it has been depicted that Apple will be the one who will going to move to a larger display device in the forth coming year. Now, from other resources as well, it has been cleared that Apple will definitely going to satisfy the critics by launching a smartphone; iPhone 6 with the plethora of amended features and a larger screen. Here, a few of features bequeathed by iPhone 6 has been listed.
What is making iPhone 6 startling:

Touch ID:

Just after introducing iPhone 5s having new Touch ID sensor, Apple was strained to change the appearance of home button. No icon button will be seen in the center instead there will be a metal ring around its body. Moreover, you might also find an “all new” touch button for home. Primarily, it is a touch sensitive part of iPhone that has a magical built-in finger print sensor. The sensibility to this touch button is unbeatable and has been rendered as the more reliable and long-lasting one.

Excellent Design Concepts:

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are grabbing the market like hot cakes. This is the primary reason that enables Apple to shift at 9 million all alone. Yet, there are some more expectations of users and they are expecting an Android sized display. Apple’s team of iPhone App Development, designing and CAD experts kept all their efforts by dreaming up the visions and all possible ideas. This is the reason that made them to put their efforts to counter the design language of its next iPhone.

Wireless Charging:

The belief is that iPhone 6 will be a strengthen version iPhone 5 and therefore, it will burst out some cutting edge technologies. Thus, Apple is seeking a tech titan who can work on their 2014 gadget. The manufacturing specialist or the expert must be highly skilled and could put a thin film of semiconductor or solar manufacturing. The biggest advantage of this feature will be that the people can use an eco-friendly device which will save their lot of electricity and eliminate worries of charging again and again.


Display is really, really cool but again it is impossible instead, it has been assumed that it will be at the complete surface of the front of mobile. Even at the front panel the places reserved for earpiece, facetime, home button and others, you will find the wallpaper under a translucent sheet. This seems to be a virtual version of the current frame of iPhone 5 / 5S. Thus, there will be some engineering challenges also while engraving camera, earpiece, proximity / ambient light sensors and home button as well. All these “smart edges” will look awesome, if we just ignore from engineering point of view.

Front Glass – Sapphire Protected:

According to some sources, Apple is about to employ sapphire coated glass cover on iOS 7 smartphone on their 2014 launch and analysts believe that it will be called iPhone 6. Those who are extremely conscious for their phones can take a calm breath because of this powerful screen.

Thus, all such features are making a more curiosity among iPhone lovers. Graphic designers have to put in lots of efforts to come up with their creations and imaginations. Some of their imaginations have involved laser projection keyboards, folding screen and a lot of majestic features. To experience an unparalleled device, we all have been waiting and are expecting high quality, reliable and featured device bestowing amazing functionalities.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2022
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