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How to Write Product Body Copy that Helps in the Conversion Process

People spend hours on making their ad copy perfect, tweak every single detail to perfection and do not mind overhauling the entire thing for the sake of making it more effective and powerful. Strangely enough, you will find the same people giving less attention to details when it comes to writing a product copy for an ecommerce website. They tend to believe that nobody reads these product copies and for that reason, they do not invest much of their creative prowess in the writing process. So, thanks to them, we have ecommerce sites that struggle to convert visitors. 


Now, if you wish to put an end to this scenario, please check out the following tips that will help you a lot to create a killer product body copy -

Identify the Problem

Do you know where most ecommerce product page body copy fails? Yes, the writer fails to differentiate a blog post from a product page copy. They follow the same pattern; forget to add ‘Call to Action’ texts and this result in poor conversion. You should not forget the fact that an average visitor spends less than 3 seconds on a page before making a decision whether they are to stay on the page or bounce back. So, the write-up has to be cool enough to capture their attention within that short span of time. Just grabbing the attention is not enough, they also have to make sure that the write-up is conversion oriented.

Great Headline
Now, please do not start with the same boring text like – ‘buy now’. Try to make the headline a bit interesting if possible. The headline should be in line with the ongoing marketing campaign. For example, if you are selling boats, please do not use headline like – ‘Most Trusted Supplier of [Another Product Name]’. The headline has to be simple, sophisticated and attention grabbing. That is all.

Call To Action

Do you make yourself clear what you want your visitors do once they are done reading the content? Do you want them to contact you directly or do you want them to click on the ‘buy now’? You have to make this very clear in the body copy. There should absolutely no room for confusion here.

The Call to Action Button should have clear texts rather than something vague as ‘Click Here’. Use concrete words like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Subscribe Now’, ‘Contact Us’ etc. This will give the visitors an idea what the button is supposed to do.  If you are unable to follow the instructions, you may need to hire a web content writer for the same.

Harness the Power of Different Media

Since the web evolving every single day, you have to work your level best to make the landing page appear as engaging as possible. You need to use high quality images, product videos that will complement the content. By adding images and illustrations, you will allow visitors to get to know more about your product page content without going through the ordeal of go through the boring texts again and again.

Your 2nd person While Addressing

Most writers like to address the visitors in 2nd person as it allows them to establish a personal relationship with them. It will make them feel that someone is directly taking to them, saving them the hassle of reading the boring body copy to get some information about the product.

Proper Formatting

Landing page is not about filling it out with some junk and useless content rather it is about making it look aesthetically pleasing. So, you have to make sure that you are using proper formatting in the body content to make it easier for people to go through the content. Use sub headings, bulleted points, bold letters, Italics etc as this will help you ensure a great reading experience. 

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Friday, 27 May 2022
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