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Most Common SEO Mistakes Made By New Website Owners

SEO mistakes being made by new website owners is hardly anything new or surprising and probably something to be expected. The problem is that these mistakes usually end up having such an enormous impact on any site that many of them do not end up surviving. Alternatively, even worse they cause the site to limp along for years with no hope of ever succeeding.

That is the reason why these common blunders must be analyzed by every web entrepreneur and efforts made to avoid them at all costs.

Poor website copy and keyword stuffing

Many webmasters spend a lot of time and effort working on their website’s design only to end up hurriedly putting together copy and failing to give it enough attention. You will be much better off with great content and a design that is not that impressive because poor content on a great design is just a waste of money. You need to attract folks to read your content and only then will they be able to appreciate your sleek design. Not the other way round.

Moreover, one of the most common mistakes in websites with poor content is keyword stuffing. This is repeating keyword phrases way too often in an attempt to rank highly with search engines for that keyword. Actually rather than scoring with search engines keyword stuffing is usually swiftly penalized by leading search engines.

Links That Are Broken

Have you ever had the experience of eagerly clicking on a link only to find that it no longer works? Very frustrating. Broken links need to get the attention of the site owner because they have an impact on SEO. Remember that for search engines it is all about the user experience and you can be sure that anything that messes up the user experience or makes it unpleasant will be something that search engines don’t like and will almost certainly be penalized. 

There are free online tools that help you swiftly find broken links on your site. Use them and do regular housekeeping on your site.

Copy Paste Websites

The copy and paste feature has been greatly abused. Some webmasters think nothing of copying and pasting content from another website onto their sites and attempting to pass it off as their own original fresh content. It is extremely dreaming for anybody to think that they can get away with this kind of thing. You will always end up being heavily punished in search rankings.

Links from everywhere and anywhere

There was a time when all you needed to do was accumulate as a high a number of links pointing back to your website as was possible and you would rank highly in search results. Not anymore and many new site owners seem to be stuck in the old way of doing things which may have been something to laugh about only that it attracts heavy penalties and does great harm to your website optimization. The new emphasis is on quality, relevant links pointing to a site. These links may be harder to get but there are several techniques that can be used to overcome the hurdles.

Duplicate repetitive copy

Many rookie website owners end up with this problem without them even knowing it. Courtesy of some content management systems that automatically generate page titles. The result is the same page with exactly the same content repeated on the same website. Duplicate content confuses search engine robots and crashes your SEO efforts.

Not Measuring Performance On Their Websites

This is a common mistake amongst newbie. That is neglecting to measure the performance of your website. Moreover, this goes well beyond a simple counter on your site to tell you how many page views or unique visitors you are receiving. You need much more detailed information and stats than that to succeed. Where is most of your traffic coming from? What keywords are gaining you traffic from search engines? In addition, even more important which keywords are bringing visitors to your site only for them to find inadequate content? This last question is critical because it gives you an opportunity to correct things and generate content that will keep your hard won visitors on your site. The longer they stick around the higher the chances that they will purchase something or earn revenue for you. 

No proper measurement on your site also means no goals or targets and no objectives for your online business. This can only mean one thing—that you are headed absolutely nowhere with your online business.

No Keyword Research

How do you optimize a site without the right keywords? That’s impossible. Yet the reality is that many new site owners are busy attempting the impossible. With the wrong keywords it does not matter how hard you work, you will inevitably fail. Admittedly keyword research is very time consuming and cumbersome but this is no excuse because this is something critical that has to be done.


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Cally Greene is an online consultant for JoeyGilbertLaw - law firms Nevada. She likes blogging about Legal issues, Business law, Family Law and Social Media.

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