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5 Great Tips in Creating a Great How-To Article

How to articles have become very popular because everyone loves to figure out how to do things on their own. So if you have been looking to create some how to articles, you should know a few of the tips and tricks to make it successful. Here are 5 tips that you should consider before making your next article.

Be Specific

You should pick a specific task and only talk about that. A lot of how to articles end up talking about irrelevant stuff, which just lowers the overall value of the article. If there are multiple tasks that go together, then you should be making a series of articles that link to each other. Even then, you will still want to try and stay on topic as much as possible.

 You should also make sure to go into as much detail as possible. Everyone learns differently, so it doesn't matter how obvious something might be, spell it out for your audience. The more details you put in, the better the guide will be.

Make it as Simple as Possible

You shouldn't try and make it harder for people to understand how to do the task. A lot of writers think that it is a good idea to use large words and a wide vocabulary to make themselves look better. Truth is, in these how to articles, people could care less about how well you write. You should use easy words to understand and keep your sentences as short as possible.

 Like I mentioned earlier, everyone learns are a different pace, so you never know when your vocabulary might be toadvanced for some people. The last thing you want is for someone to get into your article, only to leave because they couldn't understand you. A good rule to keep is to try and keep your writing to a 5th grade reading level. That way it is easy to understand, but it doesn't sound bad.

Make Each Step Small

There are plenty of how to articles that decide they want to put everything in 2 or 3 paragraphs with only 3 steps. This is a very bad idea because the longer each step is, the more risk your viewer will get confused. People can have a hard time following directions, so you should try and make each step as short and simple as possible.

Even if the there are 25 small steps, it is much better than have 10 large and confusing steps. Don't underestimate how easy people get lost in directions.

Explain Why Each Step is So Important

People love to cut corners, and unfortunately, some people might skip a step or two through the guide. If they can't see the point in doing that step, then they will probably just ignore it and move on to the next. This can be dangerous, especially for those of you who are writing how to guides on making physical items. If they don't do a step they might get physically hurt. So, to help counteract this issue, you should explain the reasoning behind each step so that the viewer will understand its importance.

Write a Detailed Description in The Beginning

One of the worst experiences when it comes to reading a how to guide, is going over the whole thing, only to realize that it isn't what you should have been reading. In the beginning of each article, write a detailed description of exactly what it is you will be covering. That way, people will know exactly what they are getting themselves into before they start to go over all of the steps. A good example of this happening is when people read about replacing car parts. Plenty of these articles are just titled "How to Replace Your Transmission", but they neglect to tell you for which kind of car. So if someone were to read over it all and then start working on their car, they are going to be running into all types of issues.

There are plenty of great ways to write a good how to article, but these 5 tips should have you attracting more and more traffic.

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Thursday, 11 August 2022
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