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Tips for growing Your Google+ Followers

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ - social media apps, all of which allow users to see what others have entered in their stream of messages and photos. If someone switches on an option to keep watching someone’s entries, or posts, it is known as “following”. So if you have 300 followers on Google+, it means that 300 other users are kept updated with what you post on your Google+ time line.

Google+ is different from some other social websites in using the concept of “circles” to group followers into different categories, such as friends, family, acquaintances, work-mates, etc. So you might be following 300 people, but of these ten are members of your family. If you want to see just what your family has been up to, you click on the family circle to see only what they have been posting. This does presume that you add people you follow to the right circles!

This works the other way too. You may be in someone else’s friends’ circle, or a family circle, or whatever. When they want to see your posts, they can either look through all public posts, or they limit their display to a circle with you in it. (By the way, you can be in the same circle as a follower – you see each other’s posts.)

What this brings us to is this: when you create a new post (write up a diary entry, add a photograph, etc.) you can choose who sees it, either the world (a public post) or just one or more of your circles. If you decide to restrict the post to a particular circle, you may decide to write specifically to the people in that group. For example, your family circle might be interested in what happened when you went to a nephew’s wedding, but probably most of your acquaintances couldn’t care less about it.

First tip: Before writing anything, consider your audience. What do they expect?

Another thing - what do you want to use Google+ for? Unless you are a world class philosopher, or a celebrity, chances are that people will not hang onto your every word. What you post has to be interesting. Not interesting to YOU, but to users that you hope will follow you. To be honest, not many Google+ users will be interested in just a diary of all the food you eat, even if you include a photograph of every meal. If you write interesting, eye-catching articles, people will read them, maybe +1 them, and you will get noticed.

Second tip: Choose to write about subjects that are truly interesting.

Something else – if you intend to write more than a couple of sentences to your post, it needs a structure. Start with a picture to illustrate what you are going to write, then have a title, and follow that with a really interesting first sentence. Why? Because in most timelines, these are the only things another user will see. If their eye is caught by an arresting picture, a captivating title, or a fascinating first line, they will be clicking on “Read more” in a flash. You’d better make sure that the rest of the article (the “body”) lives up to its billing.

Third tip: Choose a good picture, an eye-catching title and first sentence, AND a great body.

The last point I want to mention is that when you follow someone, you have an expectation that he or she will provide you with regular updates of interesting news and/or pictures - maybe every day, or more than once a day. So your followers will expect the same from you: regular posts.

Fourth tip: Post regularly and be consistently good at writing articles to build your reputation.

Follow these tips, and the followers will come.

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