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How Web Hosting Services Can Enhance SEO Performance

Most people know that SEO, or Search Engine Optimization to give it its full name, is  among the most important types of online marketing. The overall aim of this marketing technique is to improve how the website is ranked with various search engines. It is because of this that people are always on the lookout for ways to enhance SEO and get the best possible results. One commonly discussed issue is whether or not the right web hosting can actually have a positive effect on SEO.

Improving Page Loading Times

website speedMany of the techniques used in SEO involve the coding of the website in question, for example the meta tags, H1 and H2 headers and title tags, so it may seem odd to consider whether or not hosting has any effect on it. However, not too long ago, Google (the one search engine most people are interested in) announced that page speed was an important factor in he algorithms they use for search rankings.

This means that websites which load faster should have a more favorable page rank. While there is plenty on the developer's side which can reduce loading time, it also makes sense to choose a hosting provider which can offer speed and reliability as this will also help loading times. Speed is only 1 of more than 200 factors looked at by the Google algorithm and it has less than 0.5% impact, but every little helps!

Ensuring Good Uptime Stats

Another important part of SEO relates to your website's uptime and downtime. Downtime is basically any amount of time where your website goes offline and becomes inaccessible because of server problems. Uptime is the time when your website is online and functioning correctly.

It is recommended that all website owners look for a host which offers 99% or more uptime This is for a number of reasons. The first is that the more time your site is offline the more money you are losing since your audience cannot access the site. If this happens regularly then your visitors will just stop trying.

Similarly, search engine spiders will attempt to crawl your website several times per day and if they find that the website is experience downtime they will flag it as inaccessible and move on to the next website. If this happens on a regular basis then the website will be deemed to be unreliable and will be heavily penalized in terms of page ranking. Search engines do not want these sorts of sites featured high in their results since it is essentially a recommendation form them.

While it is impossible for a host to guarantee 100% uptime, you do need to find one with the best possible uptime stats. It is often suggested that you look for a host offering 99% or more uptime, but even 99% means that your site could be inaccessible for more than 3.5 days every year. To make the most of your SEO you really need to be looking for webhosting with 99.9% uptime (less than 10 hours down time per year).

In conclusion, web hosting is not the key component when it comes to SEO marketing, as much of the work relies on the content and coding of your website However, if you choose hosting which offers both speed and reliability then you will be supporting the manual SEO work that is being carried out and should see improved rankings.

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