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A small fish in a very large ocean

Unless your business is globally recognised, well known, on the lips of everyone, international or a national brand, life is going to be tough. It stands to reason if you have a website it is akin to a very small fish, swimming in a very SEOlarge ocean with lots of big fish with bigger teeth waiting to chew you up and swallow you whole. Millions of websites, finite customers, global recession; just how do you make yours stand out from the shoal and avoid the circling predators? 

Search engine optimisation – the core of every content marketing strategy

SEO in a nutshell

SEO is the art of optimising a website so it stands out from the crowd; it is the foundation to every successful content marketing strategy. Website optimisation tactics, all of which are legitimate elements of a content marketing strategy include the following:

  • Social media
  • Video content
  • Use of keywords onsite
  • Relevant image content
  • Contextual internal linking
  • Contextual, relevant and authoritative external back linking

Owners of websites should be especially keen to ensure their websites are optimised, and are continuously monitored with analytical tools so they remain optimised. If a website is used as a channel for expanding outreach, increasing sales and revenues, this is especially important, given the latest research news about mobile sales.

The mobile web is rapidly coming of age

According to research and contrary to perceived popular opinion, phone calls are still an important source of customers. According to research, over 70% of searches made from a mobile device resulted in a direct call to the manufacturer, supplier or online store. As well as driving increases in visitor numbers and increases of sales by direct interaction with e-commerce sites, Google ads drive over 40 million calls every month. That number continues to increase month on month.

The reason the numbers increase month on month is the rising use of Smartphones and mobile surfing, made possible by the continued expansion of mobile networks with increasing bandwidth capacity.

As well as Google stats showing 80% of all searches are now made from mobile devices, we have to remember that if consumers are searching online from a Smartphone, they are likely to contact the store or supplier direct by phone for instant gratification. After all it is a phone and phones were made for talking.

The better a site is optimised in addition to being created in a responsive design the wider the net can be spread. Consumers are as likely to call to make sure a web store is real with a real person at the other end of the phone. The more channels for contact you have, the better it will be in inviting more people with more options to make contact. That can only be good for sales and revenues.

However, if your website isn't being seen, none of the aforementioned really matters. You'll just be one of those small fish in the middle of the shoal, hoping it doesn’t get swallowed by the circling predators. Without a search engine optimisation strategy, you're doomed to forever be a very small fish in a very large ocean.     

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Sunday, 02 October 2022
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