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Image Optimization for Better SEO

Image optimization is an indispensable part of SEO. If you do not optimize the images on your website, you will not be able to make the most of your SEO efforts. For Search Engine Optimization India is one of the leading outsourcing destinations.

Just a few months back, the Search Engine giant Google has come up with a new feature called ‘Image Search UI’ exclusively for the users who search images online. Being a user-focused approach, it has been offering great image search experiences to people by enabling them to get high resolution images directly on the search results. They do not need to visit the hosting websites for image optimization anymore. At the same time, it has become a hitch for the webmasters, as the traffic generated by the organic image search to their websites has reduced almost 60 to 80 percent.

The latest user interface has affected thousands of web portals, especially categories like entertainment, news, fashion and lifestyle. Moreover, websites with optimized images have turned into the worst sufferers. Then what is the point in optimizing images?

Well, you need to do it for squeezing out the maximum performance from your website, which can be achieved by pushing it higher on the Google search results. As 95 to 97 percent of the entire search query is content search and only 2 to 5 percent is image query, it would be great for you to optimize the images to rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages. Following are some important tips for successful image optimization:

1. Create a Short and Expressive Image Alt Text

Google bots can track the HTML element of a text instead of the images uploaded on a web page. Therefore, you should develop short yet descriptive “Alternative Texts” or “Alt Texts” for the images. In fact, it is the most vital aspect of image optimization. Try to keep your alt texts clear and readable enough (as if you are optimizing for long-tail keywords), rather than just stuffing the keywords randomly. Else, Google will penalize your website.

2. Construct a Compact Image File Name

Even though it is another crucial segment of image optimization, many webmasters do not pay enough attention to it. You need to construct a perfect image file name that would describe the image clearly. Also, it must not be too big.

3. Give your Image a Short and Catchy Caption

Image caption does not affect the ranking of a website directly; still you should not overlook it to get the best possible results. According to experts, images which have brief, concise and relevant captions can do much better in image searches of Google. It is also established that catchy captions can make images more interesting, which eventually boosts the traffic of a website.

4. Do Not Forget to Describe Your Image

The initial objective of image description was to provide help to the visually challenged users, but it also helps regular users to understand images when the browser fails to upload them. Hence, it should be considered as an indirect factor to get good ranking of web images in search results. Keep your image description short and specific. Including target keywords in it at least once is a good practice.

5. Wrap up the Images with Appropriate Texts

Finally, try to enclose the images with pertinent content. Do not get deflected from the subject matter. Otherwise, it would not look natural and Google may downgrade your website. If putting texts around the images becomes impossible, just place the relevant paragraphs or the title of the content near it.

Follow the five aforementioned image optimization tips to get good rankings in Google image search results.

Author Bio :

Somil Mishra is a Search Engine Marketing professional at Outsourceseo. He has always been a creative writer, and likes to write about Search Engine Optimization India.

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