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The Death and Rebirth of Nielsen Television Ratings

In the United States, television stations, program producers, and especially advertisers have been relying for decades on a company called Nielsen to gauge how effective or how popular a particular program is. It was certainly a lot simpler back in the early days of television, when our parents or grandparents watched boxy black-and-white contraptions that only had one or two channels. With the advent of cable television, there are now literally hundreds of television stations available to most consumers, not only in the US, but also in the UK. Therefore, advertisers especially are quite focused on what programs are most popular and where they should spend their television advertising dollars. Although Nielsen has always used little set-up boxes in selected households, they now have a new weapon in their arsenal, and it is called Twitter.

b2ap3_thumbnail_nielsen.pngGuest post blogging is a powerful tool that everyone should useEvolve or Die

It would only be natural to ask a very simple question: who gets to have one of Nielsen's little boxes in their home? How does the company decide who fits the right “profile” and, therefore, has their television usage monitored? The devices are fairly sophisticated, because they not only record what television stations are being watched, but also when the channel is changed or when the television is actually turned off for the evening. They even have additional contraptions, commonly referred to as “people meters,” which allow them to understand what age groups are watching what shows. For advertisers, this is extremely important. There is no doubt that certain products appeal to certain age groups, and having that information is crucial. What Nielsen has not done, however, is separate its data into ethnic groups. With most countries becoming a huge melting pot of cultures, languages, and customs, having that information would undoubtedly be valuable.

Leveraging Social Networks

Nielsen obviously has a very good platform in place, but it certainly could use improvement, just like everything else in life. So what better way to get audience participation and feedback than to leverage the phenomenal power of the social media platform Twitter? People are already using this tool to comment on just about anything under the sun, so why not let them comment and give their opinions on the television shows they love – or even the ones they love to hate?

Ready to Launch

Although it was announced a year ago, this new service, appropriately named Twitter TV Ratings, will launch at the end of September 2013. Although it is a little late for the beginning of the fall television season, it should prove to be invaluable for advertisers to begin learning everything that this new form of interactive communication can provide them with, at least in terms of audience responses to some of the programs that are being presented.

Making Your Website Valuable

Yes, many people still watch television. But many are also spending a lot of time on the Internet, searching for information or even vendors from whom they can buy whatever they need. One of the most effective ways to be easily found is to rank amongst the first-page results of any search engine. To do this, creating high-quality content is important. It gives a website a certain amount of authority, keeps visitors engaged, and can often convert them into buyers. Guest blog posting is a powerful tool that should be used to make any website more relevant and trusted in the eyes of consumers.

They might even send out a Tweet about it!

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Sunday, 02 October 2022
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