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WebmaisterPro v2 Alpha Test. Sister site BlogSocialNetworks - Launch

WebmaisterPro v2 - ProfileAlpha test v2 WebmaisterPro

Happy to announce that WebmaisterPro – social network for webmasters have successfully completed the first stage of alpha testing on WebmaisterPro. Version 2 is almost ready, just few minor bugs left.

New layout is much more user friendly and more “Facebook/Google Plus” alike. In the next stage (probably in beta testing stage), we will unify most of the features and join the interface. Main feature still remain our blogging platform, forum community and of course user reviews.

In about a week time we are planing to renew the interface and enhance the features of our user reviews section. However during the process of testing, we've decided to take down the “project manager” component, due to very low usage from our members, however in the very near future, we are launching separate project, especially for IT project management, again registration there will be absolutely free!

In general v2 is much more “social” compared to previous one. The main goal still remain – to gather all web professionals at one place, but certainly we try to shift more into social matter, not just into “user self promotion” as it was previously.

Blogs Social Networks – Easy Guest Blogging

Due to high demand related to “guest blogging”, we finally launched our sisters website – BlogSocialNetworks.com – social network for bloggers. Well, for not it looks a bit unpolished, but in contrast with WebmaisterPro – BlogSocialNetworks.com will accept articles related to all popular niche! I will be quite happy to see most members of WebmaisterPro at Blogs Social Networks too! Again registration is free and approval time is less than 24 hours! Certainly you will see that blog interface is familiar!

Happy blogging!

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Friday, 20 May 2022
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