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Powerful Top Tools to Generate New Blog Topic Ideas

Blogging has become a crucial part of modern day communication and marketing. However, if you are like many in small and medium sized businesses, you may occasionally find yourself wondering 'What I'm I going to write about today?' Well, if you are having trouble coming up with new, enchanting top ideas this is article marks the end of your worries. We have researched about some 11 tools that can help you come up with original topics to generate content for and post on your blog.

Not Able To Think Of Blog Topics That You Can Write On? Try These Awesome Tools


AllTop features a list of posts that have been posted recently from all the top bloggers around the web. It is the brainchild of one Guy Kawasaki - a legendary business adviser cum author. Alltop makes it easy to sample different trending topics from literary every niche on the face of the earth. Some popular niches on this tool are mainly from finance, fashion, hair and marketing. But this does not mean that you cannot still use it to research about new topics featuring in your line of business. With Alltop, you select your niche and are shown posts related to that school of thought from the leading blogs in the industry. It is a fantastic way to sample some of the hot-selling topics in your industry. This is a sure way to generate some fresh ideas to write about.

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

If you are having problems coming up with creative topics for your blog, you can pop in to this leading title generator and just key-in a word or phrase. The reputed tool then produces a list of blog titles that are relevant to your search. The title concepts are not just listed haphazardly, but rather in a systematic manner for ease of use. This is quite a fantastic way to generate catchy titles for your work.

Content Strategy Generator Tool

Content Strategy Generator is a creation of Daniel Butler who is a leading voice in modern-day SEO. It is pretty simple to use this tool as by just typing a word on phrase into to the search box and clicking enter you'll get access to endless results of article titles related to your keyword. What's more? Content Strategy Generator gives you who and when the title post was posted and a brief description of the same. Your job is to pick the title that appeals to you and tweak it for your write-ups. Sounds good, right?


Topsy brings you up to speed with the latest topics based on recent tweets, Google+ posts, blog posts etc based on your search term. Further, the system enables you to sort your results by hours, days and even weeks so you only view results that are relevant to a particular time period. You can actually filter to show just videos, tweets, blog posts and so forth. You'll find that briefly sampling the result will help create some leading topic ideas for your posts.


Ubersuggest is slightly different from other title generators. Unlike with other tools where you only type a single word/phrase to get title suggestions, this one generates a list of results featuring the phrase accompanied by some related words. These results are normally grouped in alphabetical order. Although this tool doesn't generate actual titles, it's a good point to gain inspiration from.


Most people don't know that they can use Twitter to generate hot topics for their blog. If you're one of them then it's high time you start using your twitter account a bit differently ' to research for title suggestions. You simply need to write a word preceded by a hashtag. This will yield a variety of results featuring the leading hashtags of that particular word/phrase. You can then use these results to come up with a title for your upcoming blog post(s). The good thing with Twitter which makes it an awesome point of doing your research on titles is that it contains up-to-date information from real time users. From this research you may an idea to compile a post about.


The one trick to gain viral and loyal following on Twitter is to write blog posts that answer common questions raised by users about your niche. Quora is a fantastic resource for identifying these leading questions. You simply need to key-in a word into Quora search-box and take note of what questions users have been asking on the internet. After the results are displayed you simply need to click on the 'Trending' or 'Questions' section to learn more about the questions related to your topic of interest. From here you'll definitely know what to write about.

Feedly Reader

Another superb way to tell what topics are trending in your industry is to sign-up for an R.S.S Feed Reader - Feed Reader is the best among the many that are available out there. Of late, Feedly has been featuring great topics which you can use to generate ideas for your own content.


Scoop.it is yet another great tool for filtering out interesting ideas around a given title that has been used by other bloggers. Here you are brought up to speed with the hottest topics that market leaders are talking or writing about. This makes it pretty simple to identify topics that you feel chipping your two cents in would matter. Scoop.it! Makes it extremely easy to curate content and publish it on social media for instant attention and publicity.

Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Tool is a multi-dimensional tool that enables you to identify trending topics in your industry. Plus it also gives you an insight to terms with high search volume. This tools therefore not only helps you come up with nice titles and content for your blog but to use keywords with high search volume for greater "searchability". This is truly a powerful tool that you must strive to lay your hands on moving forward.

So, that's pretty much it. The complete list of eleven title research tools that you should strive to make a part of your blogging efforts going forward. We remain hopeful that you are going to give at least some of them a try.

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Bernard Naylor is an Online Manager for Wall Written which specializes in designing beautiful wall quotes, vinyl wall words and artistic vinyl decals - perfect for use in your home, apartment, and office decor.Bernard likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.


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